Tuesday, February 17, 2009

There is more to life then Cake.

But wouldn't life suck without it? Not literally of course (could you imagine *giggle..) but you can't say that cake doesn't just liven everything up! Whats a birthday without cake? What a wedding without cake? Whats a podiatrist visit without cake?! Just another day, that's what it is! So in the words of Marie Antoinette "LET THEM EAT CAKE!"

And they shall! Just not yet I have to fulfill the blogs title statement:

Yes there is more to life then cake, contrary to myself above. What is it you may ask? (For those of you saying Pie your punishment is to go buy me one and bring it here so I can have pie and you can't! Pie? I ask you...)

Any who sport fans, what I'm actually talking about is lately Grant and I have been squishing our money into the house. All of it in fact, but we're pretty pleased with the results so we're OK with eating rice for weeks on end (I'm kidding. We like rice, really!)

What we've got now instead of a very scary room that we still affectionately call the dungeon, is my craft room!!! And where once was an insignificant L'd off space in the main room is a cute little bedroom for working out in and/or hiding.. er storing things.

And I even have pictures to prove it; and their numbered, Aren't you special? (that's not a rhetorical question btw) :

1-Dresser I had growing up-also an on going project
2- Yes I really do keep my money in a piggy bank. Which I made btw
3-Audio distraction
4-Visual and Audio Portable Distraction
5- Antique Monitor and Computer (hey they were free, and work wonderfully for my needs ie: writting & surfing the interwebs)
6- its a cork board that I like to call my muse, it holds all sorts of inspirational things..
7-Story Binder
9-Yes thats a pillow on a kitchen chair, and I like it JUST FINE thank you very MUCH :P

10- (box in corner) Contains ready to go projects, which I like to think I can get to when I'm ready
11-Awesome Sewing Machine, currently residing upstairs for unknown reasons
12- (i'm sorry you can't see) Zidane my fictional boyfriend
13-(again sorry) Daggers' name Sake: Princess Garnet aka Dagger
14-Binder full of odd written goodies

16-Stick-it labels so I can find things

17- the most awesome pictures in the world

18-(on top of 19) The Angel from a couple blogs ago

19- Sharp things go in here

20-My Motto is: If it fits in a box, it goes in a box.
21-ok if you enlarge the picture you can see that 21 is a Sims expansion pack..my guity pleasures
22-(is pointing to top two shelves) Literary Inspiration, which also double as suitable distractions.
23- What I do with bags that are not in use.
24-again enlarge photo, its the big pink binder, which also happens to be my first ever scrap book I did myself. Please for all that is good if you ever see it don't open it
25- Grant made this whole shelving system. His talents astound do they not?!


1- Object in which to exercise on if so compelled ...heehee
2-Another spot for the Portable Audio-Visual Distraction
3- ANIME!!!! and Star Wars. Ultimate Movie combinations!!
4- Awesome new windows. Check out the awesomeness.

5- Crib Mattresses. Because we can.

6- Hidden stuffs

7- This little alcove will -once we eat enough rice- have a desk or vanity in it

8-Link Costume

9- Aragorn Costume

10- Obe Won Costume

11- M'Lady Costume

12- Potentially cruel and unusual punishments.

Hey Doc! I've written relatively short blogs lately so you just buck-up there, its almost over.

I haven't talked about CAKE yet remember?

So I was inspired to create this next work of cake by Bakerella.blogspot.com It didn't turn out nearly as cute as hers did, and I have only myself to blame, I skimped on the fondant, and I can't dip a chocolate to save my life :( however I persisted and was rewarded with a fairly decent finish.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Piece of Cake

Actually it was 5 pieces of cake, and they looked something like this:

Personally I think it's the best cake yet.

And I'm not done ...

just you wait