Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You, me and Etsy

Sooo.. Blogger just changed format, again.  Have I ever told you how much I LOVE change?  Probably because I don't.  It's sticky and messy and we don't usually get along.

Unless it's change I like, HEY LOOK! Change!  I have an Etsy store *does mini dance of happiness*  Actually I'm not sure I like it yet, I've been ready to can it for a week now, but then I sold something, so I liked it again.  It's called Stones Bee Hive/ Bee Hive design.  And no it has nothing to do with living in the Bee Hive State.. though you'd think that wouldn't you.  It has everything to do with my last name, and Stone, well Amber is a precious stone (I'm precious ;) hence Stone.  Which is my name pretty much everywhere on the web.

Sorry about the no updates thing.  I didn't really have anything until recently.  Bestest bud Jillie-bean was visiting my sister Cindy up in Idaho, I haven't seen Cindys new home or Jillies newest little muffin-cake.  So I drove like a mad woman up to see them over a very short weekend.  It was awesome.  I honestly couldn't have had more fun, and Jillies Muffins are soooooo cute!!  (That sounds wrong, doesn't it?)

Littest Muffin.

She is sooo cute!!

Biggest Muffin, look-it her smile! So darling.

Muffins don't look when you want them too, but it's still a fun picture.  One of them is smiling.

Because Heaven is a Super Joanns/Michaels/HobbyLobby Warehouse.  Oh and Drop Dead Diva marathon.

Joey wanted to make Littlest Muffin into a Puppy Jockey SOO bad.

She didn't mind.

20th time SUCCESS!!

These are the wreaths that we made.  Jillies isn't done (her's is the top) She better post her finished product so I can see (*glares at Jillie*, I know you are reading this)

We had a great time, learned many of lifes hidden secrets, and ate way way too many sixlettes.