Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Late Updates.

Before I begin the true blog I want to remind everyone to check out my play blog. They are changing and adding things all the time. Like there are cast bios now!! And horrible pink pictures of me, you simply can't miss those!!

This is a little late, like three months late. But it's better than never. I think. As you may (or may not) know, Grant and I hit the big 5 year mark this January!! We actually made it, I mean there's been a few lumps, bumps, and a lot of bruises, but despite it all ... we've decided, we actually like each other, and want to shoot for another 5.

I gotta tell ya folks, I love the man I married. More and more every day. Sure I bite him now and then, but what wife doesn't? And those love pokes, FILLED with admiration. You can't blame me for just wanting to be near him, even if I do have to resort to unorthodox methods..

The bottom line is I just can't get enough.

So what do two insanely (just me) people do to celebrate their love? To commemorate the 5 married (and 1.5 unmarried) years together??


I mean why not? Second Honeymoon anyone? Ok I'm kidding.... sorta. We did pay homage to our "first" vacation spot, but only for one night.

It was the best night we've ever spent in Vegas. We dined at New York New York's pizza kitchen, watched the water show at the Bilagio. The best ever, if you ask me. It featured "Time to say Goodbye" by: Andrea Bocelli & Sara Brightman. Then we walked the strip, took Treasure Island for $10 and watched the Pirate show, which was.. Las Vegasy.

We returned to our awesome Marriott, thanks to Tomtom, picked up some Ben&Jerrys on the way, and watched ... CSI! (it was the only thing on)

Our next night was spent in La Cresenta (sp?) with Grants Grandparents. Who are mighty awesome. We went out to eat, and played games, and did crazy insane puzzles. The, soon-to-be famous screen writer, Aaron, joined us for all the fun. Then Sunday morning rolled around and he entertained us with a fun and enlightening drive through L.A. ( Read: we got a flat, we lost a quarter in a paybathroom, and we kept an eye on the car at all times while outside of it for any reason) Then he took us to port.

For. Our. CRUISE!!!

Thats right ladies, and gentlemen, this entirely to long introduction is for forty minutes of Anniversary slide show!!!!! Glad you kept reading? Ya, me too. So without further ado, here is proof Grant and I went on a cruise.

I've been told never to take a picture without a person in it. Even if all you want is whats behind them.
I LOVE this picture. Isn't he cute?

Me too me too!

Disney isn't the only cruise line that folds their towels in adorable shapes.

Isn't it pretty? Thats Main Street.

We passed this.. wall statue? A million times, and I wanted to slap it, every time I passed.

We taught the kids at our table how to make straws pop. And pop they did.

Us in .. our last stop, waiting out the bomb threat.

Not sure where we are, somewhere in mexico I think.. Yummy lunch stop.

By the sea, By the sea, by the beautiful Sea..

Cool little not quite an island, thing.

Same spot, only ME this time :D

(fetching A..where are we now??) Us in Mexico!!!

One of the dress pretty nights. Bad pict, but oh well.

This was in Vegas, sorry its out of order. Nice fountain though right?

Sorry I'm not more of a cruise ship story teller, but theres just TOO much to tell! From a killer (almost literally) Ice show, to amazing menu items, to passing up those amazing items for 3 straight Bones Episodes, to min golf, and arcades, to comedians and crazy game shows. It really is too much. Cruises are amazing, and I recommend everyone go on one in their life. Or 12.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Veggie Villain

I've mentioned a time or two about me being in a play. Nothing huge, it's for my stake, but it's been a pretty big part of my life since early January. I'm both eager and reluctant for it to end in April, but end it must.

A lot of you have been asking when it is, and all I've said was "End of April." Well now I'm going to say "Hey! Go check out our blog!"

Eventually I will learn when it is, but by that time, expect it to be "Oh that, ya it's tomorrow, sorry for the short notice." I don't mean to do this on purpose, I just suck at the "inviting and reminding people" game.

So... "Hey! Go check out our blog!"

(by the way, those are links to said blog. I learned a new blog trick :D )