Friday, October 30, 2009

They're coming to take me AwAy!!

Is this just me? Someone tell if it is, because I’d love to know. But I have this feeling of.. impatients, anxiety, and plain nervousness about writing!

It’s one of those feelings like: You KNOW you have to do something, but plum forgot what it was, and gosh dang, it was important too.

That thing of is, I know what it is I’ve forgotten. I haven’t written. Uh oh, just got an idea.. is this what a withdrawal feels like?

Geez, I only wanted a month off, is that too much to ask for? Well alright, I might be able to understand some of those feelings, but where is this “times running out” feeling coming from? Seriously, it’s making me re-evaluate my life and make sure I’m ready for something major, kinda scary!

Maybe it’s just my A.D.D going into hyper drive. What I wouldn’t give to just sit and be still. Have nothing to worry about. Though even when I have nothing to worry about, I worry about wasting time.

I wonder if you can rent 2 year olds. A handfull of two year olds could probably wear me out. But then I’d just go to sleep, and not get anything done, and then when I woke up I’d be upset because I hadn’t done anything.

Maybe I need to rethink my whole stance on medication. Actaully that wouldn’t work, then I’d just worry about side effects, and wondering if I was going to die. *crossing medication off list forever*

*sigh* Maybe I should just write, see where that gets me *taps pen on teeth*

Nah, I’ll just go kill some Sims characters cleverly.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jack of all Trades.

Just call me Jack. Or Amber.

In any case, here I sit sick and bored, and sleepy. As odd as it sounds I have been sick all week but still managed to be extremely busy, which could explain why I've been sick all week.

What have I been doing? Nothing really, nothing huge, grand or important. But to me, stuff I've wanted to get done for a long time, and something I didn't plan on doing but still had lots of fun with.

I could go on and on, and I kinda want to BUT for the sake of everyone I'll just have a little show and tell.

So you've seen some of my clay stuff, well I've got more for you, and still more to come.

Heres what I got so far.

For those of you who don't watch Anime, (sadly I think thats all of you) This cute little guys name is Bonta-kun. He's from Full Metal Panic, which in Grant and I's opinion is one of the BEST animes out there. He's pretty much like a Micky Mouse in the show, well until the Hero uses his costume as battle gear, which explains the fatigues.

You don't even have to watch Anime to know what this guy is, even though he technically is Anime. POKEMON. Gotta catch them all. I actually haven't watched Pokemon for years, but I do like the show, and think Pokemon are very cute!
This is Squirtle, I made him for my little brothers birthday. Don't you love his tail? It was actually harder then it looks. It also fell off while he was cooking, which was nothing, Bonta-kun was decapitated.

Well meds are kicking in, so I'm going now. Bye.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Be FREE little Novel!

So, if you weren't texted a billion times (and I think you all were at least once), if you didn't see the million updates on Facebook, if you're not my friend on Twitter (please don't be my friend, I'm not proud of signing up and am in a program for recovering tweets) and if you weren't at Coldstone last night at 9:00pm then you don't know.


I actually kinda finished it on the 28th because thats when I outlined it. Ever since then I've been thrilled to bursting point. And last night I exploded.

October 7th, 2009 @ 8:25ish Izabell and Turners story was completed.

I almost cried!

I also .. well vented isn't the right word, I exploded on my friend Jennifer H. who was SOO kind to come take me to get ice cream (thats the coldstone I was talking about) She had no idea I was insane.

Everything I said came out in loud, and I was shaking and laughing, and MAN! I was on the biggest high of my life. Oh I just remembered, I took IBUprofin that night because I wore a brain sucker head band to work.. ok it all makes sense now.

Anyway, it's finished and now, I don't know what to DO. When I was writing there seemed like a million other things I wanted to do. However now I'm done, I don't know what to do.

Things I do remember that were on my list:
1- Learn to draw good so I can write a Comic!
2- Learn to draw REAL good *drool*
3- Read all the books I can get my grubby little hands on
4- Win Sims (think about it)
5- Make two fabulous Anime figurines while I watch NEW Anime shows
6- Watch ANIME!!!!! (how I've missed it)
7- Polish and see if I can publish my book
8- crochet more
9- learn to write short stories
10- write short stories
11- start next book.
12- Do singing lessons with my sister in-law
13- Learn Salsa dancing! (I tell ya Grant, they'll pair me up with a Hunka-Hunka Burn'in love if you don't come with me)
14-Get a job at Five Alls so I can be a medieval bar Wench!!

:D Sorry I had to add the "write" ones because.. I like writing! I know I should compile my story together and get things started for the polish.. but I'm going to give it a break for a while. The first thing Grant asked was if he got his wife back.. Yes my love you do!

For now.

K later guys