Friday, February 25, 2011


Sorry folks, believe it or not I've written around a dozen blogs.. all in my head. They've all been more or less about the same stuff, writing, valentines day, life, baking bread, important stuff!

And yet none of them have made it to paper, or Mircosoft Word, or some type of recording device. On the bright side, I haven't forgotten the password to this blog, unlike some other blog I could name...

So lets get this party started! Wasn't Valentines day fun?? Grant, Kim, Brent, and I all went to Benni Hana for their all you can eat sushi. The boys took that as a challenge, which sucked later on but left more gellato for Kimmy and I. Stupid work schedules denied us the pleasure of Jake and Brooklyns company, they were sorely missed.

I've been trying to cook more, while playful banter about Grant being a better chef then I am is all fun, it does hurt my wifely pride. So one night, at great risk to her kitchen and sanity, Jen and I made bread! Usually anything attempted by the two of us after 6:30 pm ends up in a burnt unrecognizable lump at the bottom of her stove/sink/floor/oven/you really don't want to know. But the bread turned out AWESOME! And then I got snow plowed in.

Love was certainly being felt over the holiday weekend, and it materialized as two new Smartphones for Grant and I for absolutely FREE!! I'm still trying to cope with the change but Grants already gotten to like level 20 in Angry Birds. As soon as I learn how to turn on and off my phone I think I'll also pursue Angered Birds.. who actually shouldn't be mad, it's the pigs who are getting the short end of the stick.

So finally: My writing!! I've added more to my fanfic, which is actually getting pretty good reviews on the site I have it on, which makes me really happy. Being told I'm a good writer by people who don't have to love me is a great feeling!!

I've also added more to a little pet project of mine, as well as a short story I believe could actually go somewhere. I really like getting my ideas out and seeing them transform into a scene, and my characters turn into people. It's fun and frustrating at the same time; especially when you have two stories fighting for your love. It's not fair!!

I've decided I'm going to give you little blurbs about all the stories I have outlined and such, but I think I'll save it for another blog. Just so you know, cause knowing is fun even if it's something that will do you absolutely no good in the future.

Anyway it's late I better get going.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Side Fluff

Howdy all, told you I'd start writing more if I combined my two favorite blogs. I know, poor you, don't worry there's cute at the end that's worth all my mindless rambling.

As you know, or you may not know but don't worry you're still cool, my newest favorite show/anime is Axis Powers Hetalia. Never, since 9th grade geography with Mr. Goody or when Hysteria was still on Kids WB have I enjoyed learning history more than with Hetalia. For instance I didn't know that the "Axis Powers" part of the title actually meant something or what it meant, now I do. I also know who the Allies are that fought against the Axis (I'll let you Wiki it yourself)

I also had no idea Prussia was no longer a country and how it became so, or that there's a small country called Belarus, who is psychotic and wants to marry Russia..

Anyway I said all that to bring you to this: I made another FANFICTION!! Bwahahahahaa.. It's actually rather short, only 600ish words, but it's super sweet and I loves it dearly. I'm still fairly new to the whole "fanfiction" and the "fandoms" that are created for beloved shows/books/etc so I'm still baffled by the whole "pairing" idea (this means fans put together characters they like best in romantic situations) but I'm warming up to it.

I've been in love with Hetalia for about two years, and never once have I paired anyone together, until monday night. I had no intention of writing anything cause I'm still working on my high school romance short (the one Allysen loves to pieces) but I wanted to see if there were some good fanfics for my pairing out in the great wide web. There aren't, but they gave me ideas for my own, which spontaneously combusted and now I have a new fanfic.

So there, I have Switzerland and Liechtenstein fanfiction. Odd pair huh? But their connection both fictionally and non-fictionally is sooo sweet I just had to. If you are interested let me know, but unless you've seen the show you really wont get it.

Ok here's the cute I promised. I love web comics, and Deviant art has lots of them. There's on in particular that I love best and I made a clay person from one of her designs. I'll link you to the comic but be warned it's Anime related. (Aunt Malayna Rachel would like it, it's Bleach)

Her name is Little Roo. And she is just the sweetest thing I've ever seen. She's been on my list of things to make for a long time now. I know I should have finished poor Uzera first, but I finished Roo in one night where as even on a good day Uzera would take at least 3.

She has a few things I need to fix with some paint and more clay, but she's more of less complete. And besides who knows when I'll fix her, thus the unfinished pictures.