Monday, June 16, 2008


I STEPPED ON A SNAIL!! IT WENT SQUISH! And my Darling Hubby didn't miss a beat, snaged the camera to remember the moment.
Eww ~*shivers*~

--He should have been there with a Video Cam to get my dance right as I stepped on it, that would have been U-Tube worthy (thats not saying much though)--

Monday, June 2, 2008

Memorial Day

Ah Memorial Day. A day to reflect on our country and the wonderful men and women who have given their lives to protect it. A day to put up flags, visit graves and be with friends and family. A day that pratically screams VACATION!

So what did Grant and I do on Memorial day? You know what, I can't remeber I'll have to get back to you on that one.

What I can tell you is what we did Memorial Day weekend. As luck would have it Grant has a buddy whose parents moved to Mesquite right in time for us to take a fun-cheap-hotel-free-Las Vegas vacation! Sounds suspisciously like mooching huh? Thats what I thought too, so after making doubly sure that it was all right we packed our jammies, tooth brushes and anime, picked up a couple of fellow moochers and hit the road (not literally though, that would hurt).

Everything started off smoothly, casual conversations, some book reading, and breakfast eating. About Cedar City (I think) things started to change, I'm not entirely sure what happened because as the travel gods would have it I feel asleep after 45mins of driving, but when I woke up the car was alive with the sounds of old Cartoon Theme songs, including --but not limited to-- Fragal Rock, Tail Spin, and Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. After we (and when I say we I mean Grant and Aaron) exhausted our supply of theme songs we started in on Beauty and the Beast, Moulin Rouge and many other belt-able musicals. So our car ride turned into a mobile karaoke and poor Brooke (a new fellow moocher) was texting pleas for help from Jason (who was safely in Mesquite).

Now the rest of our travel was nothing but oddly entertaining the whole way, however like inside jokes, no one will find our drive as enjoyable as we did so i'll move on.

Ah Mesquite, the sand, the sun, the tumble weeds, the rain.

We showed up a little after 1 o'clock. Helped with some chores, and unpacking, then decided to go to Saint George for the evening.

We had to pay the piper first in the form of: Taking back the Budget Truck.

Which would have been simple. Have you ever noticed how simple things just aren't simple. After taking the wrong freeway exit, many wrong turns, trying to make a U-turn with a HUGE Truck on a blind corner, and stripping Jason from his driving priveledges we made it to the Outlet Mall of St. George 1 truck short and a fellow merry maker more.

Shopping, the bane of Ambers existence. Fortunetly for all involved the first shop we visited was the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Our many shopping endeavors brought us hours of enjoyment we had many picture ops, saw the "Free Automatic Teller Restrooms" Protected a Manniquins Honor, had a fluffy pink puppy bark at us for no good reason, and generally shopped 'til we dropped.

With the addtion of Jason's sister Allison, we no longer have enough seats in ANY of the cars, lucky for us Jason's Dad's Acura has quite a spacious truck space area.

The next day, which would be Saturday--I bet you caught on but I had to ask I thought it was Sunday--after an exorbitant amount of time getting ready we made our way to Las Vegas!

Our Vegas adventure started out in Mandalay Bay's Parking Garage (its gett'in hot in here...), we made our way to the Luxor's Motion ride. After wasting, literally WASTING, $10 a person, 1 hour of our lives and again stripping Jason, this time of his decision making powers we made our slow touristy way (aka 'getting lost') to Tropicana, where we visited either The Bodies Museum, or (Da da da DAH) The Titanic Museum (very ground breaking stuff..). One would show us the wilds of First Class dining cabin floor tiles VS 3rd Class dining cabin floor tiles, while the other would exhibited never before seen (to the normal non-mortician type person) the insides of a real, (completely REAL) body, in normal everyday poses... I bet you can guess which one I went to. Bodies!!!

Just kidding I wouldn't have come out of there conscious.

(Honestly they both -- the group split, the majority going to Bodies-- were pretty good, and worth the money but not worth getting the Guided Auto Tour.)

We walked, ran, pushed and squished our way down the strip. We saw many sights, some we didn't want to see others that made us think, and still more that just made us laugh. Since it was still raining we missed out on the "Pirate" show, but got to see Bellagios fountain dance.

I bet your wondering when I'm going to dish the dirt on all our gambling problems. Right now. Most of us fell prey to the slots in New York New York. I was just sitting innocently at a random Black Jack machine, nice seat, very tempting. Grant sat next to me, Aaron sat next to him. The rest of our group became victoms to other games. Apparently Lady Luck favored the Biesingers and we left with a grand total of $18. I a whole $4 (which is pretty good i only put in $2)

Despite the odds (we let Jason drive) we safely made it back to our "hotel".

Sunday, (this time I'm sure of it) tired from our long night in Vegas, having walked the entire strip, and doing everything there is to do (aka gamble, inhale tons of second hand smoke and watch show girls), we decided to head home. This time though our number has diminished from 4 to 3 which means I get the WHOLE backseat to myself! Which i utilzed to its greatest extent, and slept comfortably all the way home.

Monday, Memorial Day. You know I still can't remember what we did.. Ah well I'm sure it wasn't anything to bad or I'd rememeber it.

Stay tuned we get to go to Flaming Gorge two weekends in a row!!

ps. We didn't watch show girls .. on purpose.