Monday, June 16, 2008


I STEPPED ON A SNAIL!! IT WENT SQUISH! And my Darling Hubby didn't miss a beat, snaged the camera to remember the moment.
Eww ~*shivers*~

--He should have been there with a Video Cam to get my dance right as I stepped on it, that would have been U-Tube worthy (thats not saying much though)--


Eric and Jill said...

Poor Amber, not only are you so scared of so many things but you have the poor luck of still running into them. I was just thinking the other day of when we were walking home from school one day and a bird landed on your head out of nowhere. Only you would have had an experience like that! So Sorry!

Anonymous said...

My wife squishes the pesky garden snails tip-toeing on a ziploc bag. It gives a satisfying crunch!