Monday, July 7, 2008

Two Flaming Gorge trips and a Funeral.

I'll preface this blog with: HuRah for family!

Without them I wouldn't have had the unparalleled opportunity to visit the beautiful wilds of Flaming Gorge, two weekends in a row! Now this may sound like I'm being sarcastic, I wouldn't agrue it if accussed, just a little. But I really do mean HuRah for Family! Next to The Girl Scout Thin Mints (and/or kibbler Grasshoppers) I love My Family best. (I mean it!)

Its only..

Flaming Gorge being full of wonderful adventurous opportunities aside, after 7 days non-stop funning most activities are present and accounted for.

Luckily for me and Grant -how mean is Grant?-(LOL that use of improper gramer is for you mom & dad) our families decided to spend our past times differntly.

While My Amazing Isaac Family with all my adorable littles (littles=Little People, in this case cousins and 1 brother) rafted the river, and rode horses, My Wonderful Biesingers Tubed, Boarded and Fished the Lake.

Amoung other things.

We should have known from the outset of our journy that both trips were in a class of their own. Our first trip down was crampt with the addtion of a nice new coller; which initially fit in my trunk. Both cars originating from Honda we didn't think twice until we got it lock stocked and loaded..kinda. It got to ride with the dogs in the back seat, who did not like it, no room. So I did the mom sacraficing thing and moved my chair up, needless to say my feet got intimately aquatinted with the under side of the dash. Second trip was much nicer, not to mention spacier. Older and wiser we sent it with Mom and Dad Biesinger in there boat.. or was it the trailer.. in the object they were towing.

We also opted for a early morning arrival vs showing up at midnight inacampgroundwehadneverheardofletaloneseenbefore on the second Flaming Gorge encounter.

On with the Show! The first trip was catered to keep littles lively, happy, sugar filled and constintaly on the move, which I loved! There was never a lack of puzzle doing, melty bead spilling, grasshopper chasing (not the cookies) manhandeling fish -the alternative for fishing-, horseback riding, real fishing, fish feeding,river rafting, Dam Tours, Dam Jokes, Sweating at the Swet Ranch, bike riding, corupting a not so little, little with black jack, shower stealing, and lest we forget an abundance of Dogs to do whatever you pleased with including but not limited to: taking for walks, throwing rocks for them to fetch, petting, using as a footwarmer, and tossing over the side of a raft and scaring half to death.

Hurray for ME

AH Shade
when you gotta go you gotta go!!

Its a bird! its a Plan! No its a bird.
Bet you didn't know there were Otters at Flaming Gorge huh! Well that only goes to show you, there are.This is my mum pesting a moth to open its wings. Its Ginormous!!
Grant tossed our kids in without their approval. This is Dagger trying to cling to Gus for safety. Shes not much of a swimmer
This is Dagger sinking Poor Gus.
Dagger gave up on Gus deciding Grant looks like a much better flotation device.
This is Dagger hidding, she wouldn't look Grant in the face the rest of the day.

Despite the overwhelming pollen count in the fresh mountain air and abundant usage of benadrill Grant and I had a fabulous time! We did cut out earlier (only leaving the night before, instead of leaving in the morning)then we planned though, allergies were doing their damage and instead of dueling stuff noses and intense self inflicted sugar meets the hot hot sun head ache all night long we threw up the white flag and spent the night at home. Besides we needed to regain our strength for the following potentially just as intense weekend back at the good 'ol Gorge.

At home we were unexceptedly brought screaming back to reality instead of the normal post vacation haze and pre-vacation / forth of july excited hypertension. Grants Grandmother Biesinger died the day after our return. It was completely surreal, Grant and I hardly knew what to think, I'll tell you this, there is no suitable way to accommodate for a family vacation and grandmothers funeral.

It seems harsh to go from such a emtionally sensative event to one of frivlous enjoyment, but here we go!

Flaming Gorge the Second time around was much more sedate, but nontheless highly enjoyable and amusing, which was greatly appreciated by yours truely. while I endulged my reading fetish on the "party barge" pontune boat Grant got to play it up this time, could be due to the fact that a speed boat, skis and a tub accompanied our trips to the lake. More probably that pollen doesn't stick to you when your zooming across the lake at 20ishmph and getting your nose cleaned every time you do a crazy underwater 360 spin on a tub.
we let my niece drive! that says alot about our day.
Biggest catch of the day! way to go Jeff

If I were a tanner then this trip would have been ideal, since I burned ever so nicely last time I would practically be guaranteed a golden brown. As luck would have it my super fine tan went to Grant, and I was left with the paisty whiteish skin my burn left behind! All that time in the sun wasted! For the record I only kept my legs unprotected was that so much to ask?!

We visisted the Swet Ranch with Grants family a well, this is me and the girls next to "Emmas Tree" and some scary looking farm stuffs

After mooching off unsuspecting family members for dinner and breakfast -K we totally made our dinner, we just left it all safe in the fridge at home and not in the very useful new cooler, and our breakfast just didn't look as good as theirs- watching far away but nevertheless quite clear fireworks, and having a rousing game of Cased Closed.. or something like that (sorry Angie can't remember the name of the game but i really liked it) we made our way home.

Ambers first attempt at braiding her own her. In my Defence short hair is friggin hard to braid let alone by yourself AND without a mirror!!

That wasn't the end of our trip though. We stopped off in Evenston with my sister in-laws family and mother in-law for a bit of lunch. We choose Sonic, and I'm here -despite their efforts- to tell you NEVER go to the Sonic in Evenston Wyoming, not only will you spend most of your afternoon in their pigstye they call a resturant but your order will be wrong, you will be given two different orders that are not yours however, before you actually get what you paid for.

Looking on the brightside though, if you have the energy its a great place to play eye-spy.

There you have it that sums up the last 12 days of my life give or take 5 days since we have been back and its taken me to write this. Well now you know more then you did, forced or other wise thank you for reading my blog!!

(check back after 6 I'll have pictures up :)

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Eric and Jill said...

I love the pictures of the dogs in the water. I had to look twice to see that dagger was really on top of another dog. Poor thing.
Also, its funny but Sonic is a really big place here and I think even in this small town there is at least three of them around. The place that messes up orders and makes the food taste gross is Taco Bell which is very heart breaking. However I am learning to get by without my bean burrito with extra red sauce, mostly because everytime I order it, it has about a one bite with red sauce, or I've even had it come out as a potato burrito. Those are disgusting by the way.
Sorry to Grant though about his grandmother. But I'm glad that you had some fun trips with your family. I wish I could have been a littles because those things would surely keep me happy.