Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Candy Jar ~ How to

So everyone who has an Etsy shop also has a twitter, and tumblr (where's the e?) and facebook and website and blog and billboard in every city around the world, and cats with sandwich boards on them and.. I know I missed some form of ... OH! flyers, pintrest and booths in farmers markets!

As to not miss out on all those fun things I got them too!  Introducing MY BLOG!!!  And you're here, now, looking at it, thank you so much.  Confused?  Let me help:  I learned my lesson long ago that I can't have more than one blog.. I seldomly listen to myself, but this time I did.  This blog is now my everything blog.  And to celebrate my newly classified Everything blog, I will give ya'll a Candy Dish Tutorial.  So now you don't have to buy one from my shop, just make your own.

This is in honor of all the amazing tutorials I have gotten free off the web.

Materials needed. I got the glass candle sticks and bowls from All a Dollar.  But you can get them anywhere.
Optional materials, any decoration you want you can have.

Believe it or not hot glue works really well.  Run a ring of glue around the top of the candle stick.

Pretty ring of glue.

Squish the bowl on top of the gluey candle stick.

You don't have to hold it, hot glue dries fairly quickly so just let it stand.  Don't touch the glue.  Ouch.

This is me cutting tulle for my ribbon.  Any length you want (I know, helpful right?)



Display the candy dish. For best results, fill with candy first.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You, me and Etsy

Sooo.. Blogger just changed format, again.  Have I ever told you how much I LOVE change?  Probably because I don't.  It's sticky and messy and we don't usually get along.

Unless it's change I like, HEY LOOK! Change!  I have an Etsy store *does mini dance of happiness*  Actually I'm not sure I like it yet, I've been ready to can it for a week now, but then I sold something, so I liked it again.  It's called Stones Bee Hive/ Bee Hive design.  And no it has nothing to do with living in the Bee Hive State.. though you'd think that wouldn't you.  It has everything to do with my last name, and Stone, well Amber is a precious stone (I'm precious ;) hence Stone.  Which is my name pretty much everywhere on the web.

Sorry about the no updates thing.  I didn't really have anything until recently.  Bestest bud Jillie-bean was visiting my sister Cindy up in Idaho, I haven't seen Cindys new home or Jillies newest little muffin-cake.  So I drove like a mad woman up to see them over a very short weekend.  It was awesome.  I honestly couldn't have had more fun, and Jillies Muffins are soooooo cute!!  (That sounds wrong, doesn't it?)

Littest Muffin.

She is sooo cute!!

Biggest Muffin, look-it her smile! So darling.

Muffins don't look when you want them too, but it's still a fun picture.  One of them is smiling.

Because Heaven is a Super Joanns/Michaels/HobbyLobby Warehouse.  Oh and Drop Dead Diva marathon.

Joey wanted to make Littlest Muffin into a Puppy Jockey SOO bad.

She didn't mind.

20th time SUCCESS!!

These are the wreaths that we made.  Jillies isn't done (her's is the top) She better post her finished product so I can see (*glares at Jillie*, I know you are reading this)

We had a great time, learned many of lifes hidden secrets, and ate way way too many sixlettes.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Halloween in April

I've meant to blog this back when it actually happened, but too much was going on at that time.

Soooo most of you know that I went to Anime Bonzia last year in Layton. And I actually cosplayed this year (means I dressed up) I rallied all my knowledge, as well as my sweet mother in laws knowledge, had killer fun. The theme was Steampunk, I'll let you google what that is, cause I can't really explain it. And here is my costume:

Now all the bits by themselves, just so I can show off.

  7 of these are handmade, I made 6 of them.

Fluff skirt, really easy to make, Mother-in-laws design.

Sorry, I meant to tip this. The over dress was the hardest to make because we didn't have a pattern.  My awesome mother-in law knew how to work it though.  She took the vest pattern I found and the skirt pattern and mushed them together.  Something I could not have done.

I bought this, cause I was just in the right place at the right time.  I did however add the cameo

These I bought off Etsy.  I've been wanting to buy something from this vendor for years.  Finally I had a need.  I was super excited.  However she's the one that gave us the magic fish.  But I think the trade evens out.

Another Mother-in law creation.  I did some of it's work, but it was mostly her.

Another awesome find :D

This was pure stressed out me.  I couldn't find a fan, let alone a good one, and I mean I really could NOT find one.  I searched for days calling places begging for information from facebook.  No, finally I found one that I ended up cannibalizing and making it fit my needs.  It doesn't fold up, but it fans really well.

These shoes are ten years old, but you couldn't tell with these snazzy spats.  I made these too. Again another stressed out flurry of madness.  I cannibalized the pattern again, and made these do what I wanted, and it took forever, and I learned you really shouldn't hot glue ANYTHING, and sewing works better, albeit slower.

My hat was, can you guess? Yes, another source of stress, but not because it was hard to make.  I just didn't know how I should decorate it.  I tell you what, options SUCK.

It looks more like a hat if you view it from the side.  It has hair clips under it, and Tiffany my awesome hairdresser can tell you that they work :D

Earrings that I've probably stolen from someone.  I don't know whose they are or where they came from. But they match nicely :D

So there you have it.  The ins and outs of my awesome costume.  Sadly it will not make a second appearance at the Anime Con, I shall be making another one, can't tell you what though, it's a surprise.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I don't want to grow up.

Proof that I’ve never grown up:

Yesterday the Hubs and I went to the store to get paint for our bathroom. (Which no longer has blankets for curtains, I’ll have you know) We were only getting a gallon of “Crème in my Coffee” and not “Moose Mousse” which sounded better, but was much too dark for our needs, which is the real tragedy here.

It would take about 10 minutes, for the paint to be mixed so we decided to investigate other departments. I was told to pick which, however was blocked every time I did. No biggie, we ended up where I wanted eventually, because I’m queen.

Ever since I was a small child I have been drug to Home-fix-it places, mostly against my will. Luckily for only me, I have a very good imagination, and I found ways to entertain myself. This hasn’t changed. What also hasn’t changed is my love of all the displays Home-fit-it places like to show off ie: particle kitchens and bathrooms. I choose Kitchens this time because the Hubs loathes home-fix-it place cabinetry, you could say he’s a wood/quality snob. For ten minutes I tried my best to add a silver lining to all the cheap-totally-not-made-by-Hubs-old-employer cabinets. It remained visible only to me, but that’s no real surprise.

We had exhausted the Kitchen displays around the same time we needed to head back to PaintLand. And to my inner child’s delight, we traveled back through an isle that was lined with microwaves. Hubs never saw this coming, and honestly, neither did I. But as we walked I found myself opening all the microwaves, and leaving them that way. Did I mention I giggled madly as I did it?

Because I totally did. Hubs of course didn’t find this comical at all, he had to quickly trail behind me to shut them and then grabbed my hand and removed me from temptation.

Tanget: I’m convinced I grew up on a different planet. Because things that I do normally and that seem natural to me Hubs finds completely alien. ie: Butt Smacking. He can’t even fathom that a family could do this without it being a punishment, let alone a family that held this as an Olympic sport for 3 years, and that I won the gold medal.

We left Home-fix-it-Wonderland $20 lighter and slightly humiliated, or at least Hubs did. I was still giggling, but this time at him and not the microwaves, and the bewildered/annoyed worker-bees I was sure I would have left in my wake.

To easy the mind of my mother who reads this, I promise I have slightly matured. I vaguely remember the debate that went on in my head before I started opening microwaves. Someone in the back of the in-crowd was slowly banging their head against the wall wondering why. Poor guy, he’s so out numbered.

Friday, March 9, 2012

FIFTHWIND. The first in the Kreggorian Series.

Does that sound awesome or what? 

Ken Kiser is the author of Fifthwind, and exalted founder of the Fifthwind Forum.  The very forum that is solely responsible for me finishing my novel.  Did you read that?  I know, personally, a published author!!  That is so cool, my mind can't even grasp how cool that is, because no one knows authors.  They just exist, and make up really cool stuff.

When he told us he was publishing his book, it didn't really sink in at first.  To me being published is something only really cool people that live in castles and eat off gold forks, do.  No offence to Ken, it's just it's such a special thing to me that it just doesn't compute to: normal people can get published too.

But he DID!  I'm just dumb struck and so very very very happy for him.  I already knew his story was awesome, we've been Internet Buddy's for almost four years.  But now everyone gets to know how awesome he is.  It's, overwhelming, and almost like it's my own novel!

I could go on and on, but I think at this point it'd just be spazziness.
If you want to read an awesome Fantasy Novel go here:

Like a true author who just wants to be read, he's got his E-book for free a lot of the time, so DUDE! free book.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Truth in Advertizing

(yes I used a 'z' in advertizing.  I'm quirky.)

Usually when I listen to the radio I tune out the commercials.  I'm sure I'm not alone in doing this.  In my mind commercials are relatively counter productive to the product/service.  Especially if it's stupid.  In fact if the commercial is really retarded I go out of my way never to purchase that product.

Only the truly clever or cute will influence my purchasing decision. ie: Goldfish Crackers.  Puffs facial Tissue.

Puffs is in the grey area though, I'm still not sure if you should rhyme need with indeedTheir performance is beyond excellent though.  So they won my loyalty even with a stupid jingle and weird looking animation.

This brings me to this:  newish Wendy's commercial.  If you haven't heard it, great.  Anyway here was a conversation I had with Susan, who gets to hear all my daily commentary.  Lucky her.

Amber: Radio ad confusing me.

Susan: ?

Amber: Oh,well it's my "bacon loving" part of the brain telling me to go get the baconator at Wendy's

Susan: lololololol

Amber: and if I don't then he's going to switch me to the side that secretly loves broccoli
but.. if I'm connected to the side that loves broccoli then I'll love broccoli and it wont actually be a problem.
It's only a problem when I'm connected to the bacon side.  It's a valid threat... but if you think about it, you won't know it was a threat once it's happened unless you're still cognizant that you hate broccoli while eating it.  But then you wouldn't be connected to the "I love broccoli" side, because you wouldn't be loving broccoli
you'd be hating it, and eating it anyway.. which is what I already do.
(some time later after actually doing work)
this is so going to be a blog

Susan: it is definitely blog worthy thinkyness!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Because I always do what I'm told.

I'm trying to remember if I said I would keep up with my blog.  I think I did somewhere, so this is me keeping up with my blog. 

Actually it's not.  Actually, this is me just saying I'm going to keep up and I will have an actual post later this week.  I have several already semi written I just need to give them a little love.

Later taters!

(Jillie this is for you.)