Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Candy Jar ~ How to

So everyone who has an Etsy shop also has a twitter, and tumblr (where's the e?) and facebook and website and blog and billboard in every city around the world, and cats with sandwich boards on them and.. I know I missed some form of ... OH! flyers, pintrest and booths in farmers markets!

As to not miss out on all those fun things I got them too!  Introducing MY BLOG!!!  And you're here, now, looking at it, thank you so much.  Confused?  Let me help:  I learned my lesson long ago that I can't have more than one blog.. I seldomly listen to myself, but this time I did.  This blog is now my everything blog.  And to celebrate my newly classified Everything blog, I will give ya'll a Candy Dish Tutorial.  So now you don't have to buy one from my shop, just make your own.

This is in honor of all the amazing tutorials I have gotten free off the web.

Materials needed. I got the glass candle sticks and bowls from All a Dollar.  But you can get them anywhere.
Optional materials, any decoration you want you can have.

Believe it or not hot glue works really well.  Run a ring of glue around the top of the candle stick.

Pretty ring of glue.

Squish the bowl on top of the gluey candle stick.

You don't have to hold it, hot glue dries fairly quickly so just let it stand.  Don't touch the glue.  Ouch.

This is me cutting tulle for my ribbon.  Any length you want (I know, helpful right?)



Display the candy dish. For best results, fill with candy first.

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Eric and Jill said...

Way to go! Great tutorial. This may be my Christmas gifts this year. :)