Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More to show off

Sorry about this peeps, its kinda tacky posting a gratification only blog before I've posted the all important "whats been happening in the past months that you've neglected your blog" blog

Oh well. My blog my rules.

So I me my, am a wiz when it comes to clay I've decided, why have I decided this? Here I'll show you.

My Subjects:

My Creations:

You count them 1 Mokona and 2 Mokona, but then you have to stop, because there are only 2 Mokona.

I tried to get creative but and I ended up with this:

Hey gimme a break it's not that bad..

If you're wondering if these creatures are from Anime.. Yes, yes they are. They are called Mokona, and Mokona is Mokona. Confused? Mokona is their name and the name of their kind. They're awesome, thus their likeness incased in clay forever.