Saturday, June 6, 2015

Introducing, The Gramber Babies!

Good Day Blogging People!  I would like to introduce you to the two newest miracles on earth, as well as the newest members of the GramberBie Family.

Our Beautiful Bouncing Baby girls:
Baby A

Baby B

Ready for my labor story, because you just know I've got a good one.  It all started with a blood pressure test gone wrong, and then a pee test that proved the blood pressure test right, and that I was the one that was wrong.  So I picked up some yummy cookies with the hubs, and went home to enjoy them in bed.  Where I stayed, for two days, waiting for labor to kick in.  It didn't.  So we went to the hospital instead.  After 5 hours of labor, which I felt only about 2 of, (thank you pain killers) Our midwife told us it was Baby Time!!  Now Mommies with twin most always give birth in the OR, not a labor and delivery room, just in case.  Which eased my mind because they told us Baby B was breach, and was most likely to welcome the world thusly, but that they weren't worried because she was sooo much smaller than her sister (who had taken up residence at the cervix, head down, for the last 2 months), they figured she would slide right out.  They had no idea. Off to the OR we went.

It didn't take long for Miss Baby A to make her amazing arrival. For the past 9 months, I knew I was pregnant, in fact during the last months that's ALL I was.  But it didn't really dawn on me until they handed me my daughter, that there were babies inside of me.  It was so weird.  They let me hold her for a minute while they (nurses) hurried to get equipment for Little Miss B, they wanted to ultra sound her to see if she had turned, and while my Midwife was helping me and Miss A, the OB that was present and helping the Midwife checked on Miss Bs possition.. internally...(ewww...) and out came Miss B!!!

No one, not even the OB checking her, was ready for her to come out.  Hubs, the Midwife and all of the Nurses were in the nursery area with Miss A.  I was relaxing and waiting for someone to tell me to push.  But instead of the 30 minutes to an hour they expected, Miss B made her stunning debut, BUTT first, after only 2 minutes.  The OB just brushed the amniotic sack, it burst and out slide Miss B, no contractions or pushing helped her.  Baby A: 6lbs 3oz Baby B: 4lbs 1oz
 Can you tell which is which?  Chubby Baby A, tiny Baby B

They are the loves of our lives, the Hubs and I couldn't be happier with them if we could have picked them out ourselves.  We waited 8 long years to get them, and now they are here!  We are still in awe with how perfect they are.  Neither of them needed the NICU, the worst was Miss A was a little tongue tied.  We were in the hospital for three days, and left with squishy wishy babies, Miss B was only 3lbs 10oz and no one stopped us!