Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Truth in Advertizing

(yes I used a 'z' in advertizing.  I'm quirky.)

Usually when I listen to the radio I tune out the commercials.  I'm sure I'm not alone in doing this.  In my mind commercials are relatively counter productive to the product/service.  Especially if it's stupid.  In fact if the commercial is really retarded I go out of my way never to purchase that product.

Only the truly clever or cute will influence my purchasing decision. ie: Goldfish Crackers.  Puffs facial Tissue.

Puffs is in the grey area though, I'm still not sure if you should rhyme need with indeedTheir performance is beyond excellent though.  So they won my loyalty even with a stupid jingle and weird looking animation.

This brings me to this:  newish Wendy's commercial.  If you haven't heard it, great.  Anyway here was a conversation I had with Susan, who gets to hear all my daily commentary.  Lucky her.

Amber: Radio ad confusing me.

Susan: ?

Amber: Oh,well it's my "bacon loving" part of the brain telling me to go get the baconator at Wendy's

Susan: lololololol

Amber: and if I don't then he's going to switch me to the side that secretly loves broccoli
but.. if I'm connected to the side that loves broccoli then I'll love broccoli and it wont actually be a problem.
It's only a problem when I'm connected to the bacon side.  It's a valid threat... but if you think about it, you won't know it was a threat once it's happened unless you're still cognizant that you hate broccoli while eating it.  But then you wouldn't be connected to the "I love broccoli" side, because you wouldn't be loving broccoli
you'd be hating it, and eating it anyway.. which is what I already do.
(some time later after actually doing work)
this is so going to be a blog

Susan: it is definitely blog worthy thinkyness!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Because I always do what I'm told.

I'm trying to remember if I said I would keep up with my blog.  I think I did somewhere, so this is me keeping up with my blog. 

Actually it's not.  Actually, this is me just saying I'm going to keep up and I will have an actual post later this week.  I have several already semi written I just need to give them a little love.

Later taters!

(Jillie this is for you.)