Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Truth in Advertizing

(yes I used a 'z' in advertizing.  I'm quirky.)

Usually when I listen to the radio I tune out the commercials.  I'm sure I'm not alone in doing this.  In my mind commercials are relatively counter productive to the product/service.  Especially if it's stupid.  In fact if the commercial is really retarded I go out of my way never to purchase that product.

Only the truly clever or cute will influence my purchasing decision. ie: Goldfish Crackers.  Puffs facial Tissue.

Puffs is in the grey area though, I'm still not sure if you should rhyme need with indeedTheir performance is beyond excellent though.  So they won my loyalty even with a stupid jingle and weird looking animation.

This brings me to this:  newish Wendy's commercial.  If you haven't heard it, great.  Anyway here was a conversation I had with Susan, who gets to hear all my daily commentary.  Lucky her.

Amber: Radio ad confusing me.

Susan: ?

Amber: Oh,well it's my "bacon loving" part of the brain telling me to go get the baconator at Wendy's

Susan: lololololol

Amber: and if I don't then he's going to switch me to the side that secretly loves broccoli
but.. if I'm connected to the side that loves broccoli then I'll love broccoli and it wont actually be a problem.
It's only a problem when I'm connected to the bacon side.  It's a valid threat... but if you think about it, you won't know it was a threat once it's happened unless you're still cognizant that you hate broccoli while eating it.  But then you wouldn't be connected to the "I love broccoli" side, because you wouldn't be loving broccoli
you'd be hating it, and eating it anyway.. which is what I already do.
(some time later after actually doing work)
this is so going to be a blog

Susan: it is definitely blog worthy thinkyness!


Eric and Jill said...

So I fully understand your views on commercials. I know I'm still waiting for our drains to get clogged so I can go out and buy the liquid plummer. I want little people running down my drain. It looked so powerful! And a couple years ago I insisted on buying a christmas Glade scented candle hoping I would hear music play when I lit it. (That was a negative but I just improvised and added my own every time I lit it. Worked almost as well!)
So is the Wendy's commercial saying you have to like one or the other?

Irish Roxs said...

imagine the biggest LOL ever, and thats my comment.

Anonymous said...

The Baconator wants to rule with a bacon fist!! No broccolie. EVER. SO pretty much yes, it's one or the other.

Those candles should definatly sing.

Thanks Al

Anonymous said...

Is anyone other than me uncomfortable with the Charmin commercials showing the little bear with bits of toilet paper stuck to its bum? (Not to mention, the disturbing fact that this is spotted by Mama Bear...)

I realize toilet paper is a tough thing to advertise in a positive light, but do we really need to go to the, "Use Charmin, less paper will stick to your butt than with the competition!" extreme? o_0

It's bad enough that marketing geniuses would like us to believe by way of Activia commercials that women get together and discuss their 'regularity'. (Well, I sure hope they don't actually do this, but I must confess I'm not privy to the girl talk...)

But at least they've managed to portray it in a way that it really doesn't seem like they're actually saying: "Say girl, how you pooping? Oh, not great. I'm blocked up... (Insert constipated frown emoticon that doesn't exist, but really should, here!) Awwww, that's too bad! You should try Activia, It'll have you pooping in no time!"

So at least you can kind of put the subject matter out of your mind and at least pretend they're only talking about delicious yogurt.

But when you're presented with a visual of a cute red or blue baby bear with toilet paper stuck to its nethers... Well, then it's impossible for your brain to edit our the true meaning. -ugh- Thanks Charmin! :(


P.S. Broccoli is happening!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about everyone else, but I've never had toilet paper stuck to my nethers. Maybe when I was little, and I'm sure there was a gross/adorable reason for it.

You are right, I'll never look at that bear the same way again.

As for the yogurt. At least they are tactful I mean it's better than coming right out and saying "Sweetie you look constipated. Here have some yogurt."

Wow, only a true friend would do that. I apparenlty don't have enough true friends, cause I've never had this converstation with them.