Friday, March 9, 2012

FIFTHWIND. The first in the Kreggorian Series.

Does that sound awesome or what? 

Ken Kiser is the author of Fifthwind, and exalted founder of the Fifthwind Forum.  The very forum that is solely responsible for me finishing my novel.  Did you read that?  I know, personally, a published author!!  That is so cool, my mind can't even grasp how cool that is, because no one knows authors.  They just exist, and make up really cool stuff.

When he told us he was publishing his book, it didn't really sink in at first.  To me being published is something only really cool people that live in castles and eat off gold forks, do.  No offence to Ken, it's just it's such a special thing to me that it just doesn't compute to: normal people can get published too.

But he DID!  I'm just dumb struck and so very very very happy for him.  I already knew his story was awesome, we've been Internet Buddy's for almost four years.  But now everyone gets to know how awesome he is.  It's, overwhelming, and almost like it's my own novel!

I could go on and on, but I think at this point it'd just be spazziness.
If you want to read an awesome Fantasy Novel go here:

Like a true author who just wants to be read, he's got his E-book for free a lot of the time, so DUDE! free book.

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Eric and Jill said...

That's so impressive. I will definitely be looking into that book and will still wait for your own works to be published. Now that he's set such a great example for you, finish those edits so I can get my hands on one of them. :)