Sunday, August 28, 2011

Part 2.

Welcome back for Part 2 of Past Present and Future, I am Amber, and I am doing my best to spell all my words correctly.

First things first. I'm deciding if you all make me laugh, or cringe. Yes I was cryptic in my parting sentence, but I wasn't THAT cryptic.

What I said: I might be a mother yet

What I meant: It looks like everyones prayers and good luck paid off and I might actually be able to reach that lofty position which is motherhood some day.

Just so you know, I will never, EVER, announce anything important via a blog, or facebook*, or any type of social "convienence"that isn't face to face (or in some special cases phone to phone ,email to email) or in a large gathering of people I love.

* I did put this on facebook, but there were those that knew already.

Back to my regularly scheduled blog:

I know I left you on somewhat of a small cliff, hanging there, like a good friend. Thank you!!

That being said I’m going to back up just a tad.

For those who don’t know, Grant and I have been trying to start our family for a couple years. Three-Fourish to be exact and it just isn't happening. I’ve been to four different OB-GYNs all of them with glowing reputations, all of them big fat lairs. And if failing that trait, at the very least, lazy insulting women.

I’ve had cyst since High school, had one burst even (not something I would wish on an enemy) and I’ve been “medicated” to help with this numerous times. Every doctor I’ve ever been to has been appraised of my past, they have also been informed that my mother and aunts have had problems like mine and worse. My mother had endometriosis, as did an Aunt(s), they (the doctors) have been informed of this as well.

When Grant and I started trying for a baby, every doctor said I was fine, said that and I quote: “Women get pregnant in the backseat of cars all the time.” Apparently Grant and I don’t have the right car.

We started testing, we started drug taking, we started everything the doctors told us to do. Nothing. Again I bring up the fact that my mother had endo, but that was poo pooed. Even when going in for emergency ultrasound to see why the left side of my lower regions weren’t allowing me to sit, or stand, or eat, or ANYTHING because of the pain.

The good news: I have amazing tolerance for pain, all of that not standing sitting and stuff was done over Kimberlys wedding, and no one knew.
Bad news: The ultra sound showed that I had a very large cyst on my left ovary. And when I say large, I mean it was the SIZE of my ovary.
Good news: According to my doctor, this in no way affected me getting pregnant, and we were supposed to wait it out, because cysts this size are normal.. and they go away by themselves.
Bad News: I’m a veritable Pain God, I can stand anything.

Months went by, the cyst never did go down, but apparently, I’m still ok! At this point my OB decided we needed to pull out the big guns, because you know, it wasn’t that huge cyst on my ovary or endometriosis or anything. We were shooed to a Fertility Specialist.

Who, luckily, knew what the heck he was doing.

Eventually all secrets come out. Eventually you find out how unorganized and unstable your OBGYN’s office is and eventually you learn that YES you do have endometriosis, and holy heck no one spotted this before?

The Specialist was so sure that my problem was that huge lump of a cyst that is now bigger than my ovary, that he didn’t even take anymore tests. This was again reiterated when the surgeon who was going to do my Laperoscopy felt the cyst, FELT it, not internally either, and proclaimed that it was the largest he’s ever seen/flet in his 20+ years of doctoring.

So on July 14 I had surgery to remove extensive, advanced and very aggressive endometriosis. The Level 1 I should have had turned out to be level 4 (which is the highest). The surgury that should have taken 1.5 hours took 4, I missed beating his record by 30 mins. And the OBGYN I had is now only a spot in my review mirror. No one could tell me how long it had been growing, but everyone was pretty certain it didn’t grow over night.

Anyway, I’m doing well, if a little disgruntled towards the medical profession at large, but well non-the less. It only took me 5 days to get back on my feet, though it was still a few weeks more that I couldn’t wear anything tight or binding around my middle.

At my two-week appointment I found out that even though the surgery had many surprises everything went amazingly well. They didn’t have to take out any of the ovary, something they said was a possibility because of the size of the cyst, and everything else looked fine and healthy down below. And as soon as I felt up to it, Grant and I could start again on that good old fashion family activity.

And again I proved I’m a stud when it comes to handling pain! Ask me how I went about healing, having my first moon cycle after the surgery and making 3 wedding cakes only a week after having a bunch of disease scrapped from my insides. Without any pain killers! While my parents house almost caught on fire, and sometimes sans food…

Part 3: The insantiy!!!