Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I don't want to grow up.

Proof that I’ve never grown up:

Yesterday the Hubs and I went to the store to get paint for our bathroom. (Which no longer has blankets for curtains, I’ll have you know) We were only getting a gallon of “Crème in my Coffee” and not “Moose Mousse” which sounded better, but was much too dark for our needs, which is the real tragedy here.

It would take about 10 minutes, for the paint to be mixed so we decided to investigate other departments. I was told to pick which, however was blocked every time I did. No biggie, we ended up where I wanted eventually, because I’m queen.

Ever since I was a small child I have been drug to Home-fix-it places, mostly against my will. Luckily for only me, I have a very good imagination, and I found ways to entertain myself. This hasn’t changed. What also hasn’t changed is my love of all the displays Home-fit-it places like to show off ie: particle kitchens and bathrooms. I choose Kitchens this time because the Hubs loathes home-fix-it place cabinetry, you could say he’s a wood/quality snob. For ten minutes I tried my best to add a silver lining to all the cheap-totally-not-made-by-Hubs-old-employer cabinets. It remained visible only to me, but that’s no real surprise.

We had exhausted the Kitchen displays around the same time we needed to head back to PaintLand. And to my inner child’s delight, we traveled back through an isle that was lined with microwaves. Hubs never saw this coming, and honestly, neither did I. But as we walked I found myself opening all the microwaves, and leaving them that way. Did I mention I giggled madly as I did it?

Because I totally did. Hubs of course didn’t find this comical at all, he had to quickly trail behind me to shut them and then grabbed my hand and removed me from temptation.

Tanget: I’m convinced I grew up on a different planet. Because things that I do normally and that seem natural to me Hubs finds completely alien. ie: Butt Smacking. He can’t even fathom that a family could do this without it being a punishment, let alone a family that held this as an Olympic sport for 3 years, and that I won the gold medal.

We left Home-fix-it-Wonderland $20 lighter and slightly humiliated, or at least Hubs did. I was still giggling, but this time at him and not the microwaves, and the bewildered/annoyed worker-bees I was sure I would have left in my wake.

To easy the mind of my mother who reads this, I promise I have slightly matured. I vaguely remember the debate that went on in my head before I started opening microwaves. Someone in the back of the in-crowd was slowly banging their head against the wall wondering why. Poor guy, he’s so out numbered.

Friday, March 9, 2012

FIFTHWIND. The first in the Kreggorian Series.

Does that sound awesome or what? 

Ken Kiser is the author of Fifthwind, and exalted founder of the Fifthwind Forum.  The very forum that is solely responsible for me finishing my novel.  Did you read that?  I know, personally, a published author!!  That is so cool, my mind can't even grasp how cool that is, because no one knows authors.  They just exist, and make up really cool stuff.

When he told us he was publishing his book, it didn't really sink in at first.  To me being published is something only really cool people that live in castles and eat off gold forks, do.  No offence to Ken, it's just it's such a special thing to me that it just doesn't compute to: normal people can get published too.

But he DID!  I'm just dumb struck and so very very very happy for him.  I already knew his story was awesome, we've been Internet Buddy's for almost four years.  But now everyone gets to know how awesome he is.  It's, overwhelming, and almost like it's my own novel!

I could go on and on, but I think at this point it'd just be spazziness.
If you want to read an awesome Fantasy Novel go here:

Like a true author who just wants to be read, he's got his E-book for free a lot of the time, so DUDE! free book.