Saturday, August 22, 2009

Duels Update

After reading my duel Grant now thinks I want to burn all my cabbage patch dolls.

I'll say this once.


*grabs extremely large bag of cabbage patch dolls and runs away.*

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So I've joined a writers forum, and on that forum we have practice duels. Little things to test our range, or just to have fun with. I normally don't do them because I'm comfortable with what I write.. BUT on occassion I'll say something really snarky on the forum somewhere else, or hit someone for being snarky and I'll get a penance duel.

I was talking about lolli-pops and I got slapped with a penance duel. And I liked it so much I'm posting it here. Oh by the way, our duels have a topic, they are created to push us our of our comfort boxes.

This one was : An Interesting Crop.


"Yes all of them must go." He said walking along the dark corridor talking on his cell.

"No I don’t care." He said indifferently "What part of all of them do you not understand?"
He leaned up against a dark wall and flipped a switch. Twelve rows of lights flicked on shining down on very crowded tables.

"No you can not keep one, their dangerous man! Or is that something else you don’t understand."
Rolling his eyes he walked along a row of tables.

"I can say whatever I like." He drawled bored out of his mind, he should have never gotten family involved.

"Fine, you know what, I’ll do it." He hit the glowing red phone button and looked out at his crop. They really were quiet cute, unnatural, but cute nonetheless. It was a real shame he had to do this.

Casually he walked over to the supply shed and pulled out a gas can and pink gardening glove. He felt a slight pang as he put her glove in the can opening and lit it on fire. Sighing he cast a last glance around the cabbage patch they had grown together. It deserved this, though it wasn’t fair.

He placed the makeshift bomb on one of the tables and left the room.

He wasn’t even to his car when it exploded. Unable to help himself he looked back, then quickly left. He shouldn’t have done that, now the image of firelight dancing off their plastic heads would haunt him forever.

Hee.. hee..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This, that and the other thing.

Sorry I haven't written in a long time. I kinda feel this is a blog for the GRAMBER Bies, and not just the Amber Bies. Though if I wait for us to do something it will take a long time, because while we have great exciting lives, we don't do much.

What DO we do you ask? Well here this should eat up some time.

We've been watching a lot of netflixs lately: Princess Tutu and Mystery Science Theater 3000 get a lot of show time in our house lately.

We play with our puppies! Cloud plays with us.

Grant went to scout camp.

I've almost reached 60k words with my novel.

Our basement is ALMOST ready for sheetrock.

I bought a new expansion pack for Sims 2, and I've also actually followed through with an entire Sim from birth to death.. it was.. boring, but I'm glad I did it.

I ate a raspberry poptart and lived.

I thought I lost my hair, but realized after taking it out that it had been on my head the WHOLE time. (only 2 other people will get this but I had to make mention of it)

Grant whooped butt on Halo!!

We showed dusts bunnies whose boss in our house.

The hubby created the niftiest music books ever.

And lastly we went to Bear Lake over Raspberry Days!! (No Raspberrys where hurt in our vacation, we all got different flavored shakes NO raspberrys)

I leave this to last because I actually have pictures of this trip \o/

The chaos!! I tell you there were 20 billion Raspberry shake stands and they were all PACKED!

I thought this was a sweet picture, I think I'll make Grant photoshop it later tonight.

I also love this picture of Kim, look at the happy!!

Two sweet girlies!!

Gegs cutie girl Brooklyn
You can't be at a beach and not bury someone
And if I had to guess I'd say Nick volunteered
Apparenlty also a beach favorite: Tourture the pug.

I think this is an awesome castle, they worked hard. And got BURNT!

So I brought something that turned out NOT to be my swim bottoms. So we improvised. Got my moms handy pocket knife from her purse and went to town on my already shredded jeans.