Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Halloween in April

I've meant to blog this back when it actually happened, but too much was going on at that time.

Soooo most of you know that I went to Anime Bonzia last year in Layton. And I actually cosplayed this year (means I dressed up) I rallied all my knowledge, as well as my sweet mother in laws knowledge, had killer fun. The theme was Steampunk, I'll let you google what that is, cause I can't really explain it. And here is my costume:

Now all the bits by themselves, just so I can show off.

  7 of these are handmade, I made 6 of them.

Fluff skirt, really easy to make, Mother-in-laws design.

Sorry, I meant to tip this. The over dress was the hardest to make because we didn't have a pattern.  My awesome mother-in law knew how to work it though.  She took the vest pattern I found and the skirt pattern and mushed them together.  Something I could not have done.

I bought this, cause I was just in the right place at the right time.  I did however add the cameo

These I bought off Etsy.  I've been wanting to buy something from this vendor for years.  Finally I had a need.  I was super excited.  However she's the one that gave us the magic fish.  But I think the trade evens out.

Another Mother-in law creation.  I did some of it's work, but it was mostly her.

Another awesome find :D

This was pure stressed out me.  I couldn't find a fan, let alone a good one, and I mean I really could NOT find one.  I searched for days calling places begging for information from facebook.  No, finally I found one that I ended up cannibalizing and making it fit my needs.  It doesn't fold up, but it fans really well.

These shoes are ten years old, but you couldn't tell with these snazzy spats.  I made these too. Again another stressed out flurry of madness.  I cannibalized the pattern again, and made these do what I wanted, and it took forever, and I learned you really shouldn't hot glue ANYTHING, and sewing works better, albeit slower.

My hat was, can you guess? Yes, another source of stress, but not because it was hard to make.  I just didn't know how I should decorate it.  I tell you what, options SUCK.

It looks more like a hat if you view it from the side.  It has hair clips under it, and Tiffany my awesome hairdresser can tell you that they work :D

Earrings that I've probably stolen from someone.  I don't know whose they are or where they came from. But they match nicely :D

So there you have it.  The ins and outs of my awesome costume.  Sadly it will not make a second appearance at the Anime Con, I shall be making another one, can't tell you what though, it's a surprise.