Saturday, July 26, 2008

The GrAmber Bies Residence..

#1. The Kitchen. (LOOKY! we grewed that Zuccini thats sittin on the counter)

#2. Our Bathroom. Its the only room in the house I can decorate however I want!

#3. Our washer and Dryer. The Glory of our unfinished basement! (the superfulious toilet is on the otherside of the washer).

#4. Fridge/ Freezer. What can I say we like our DP, and Costco Edemome (Soy Beans)

#5. My Husband. Game night! Playing Halo with his buddy Jason (not pictured)

#6. Kids. We currenlty only have the short and furry kind! (munchin #3 wasn't playing nice)

#7. My Favorite Shoes. Wedges are Honestly the best! I can walk all day in 'em

#8. Our Bedroom. Sorry its kinda Dark I had to back into our little Reading nooke (sp?) to get it all.. most of it (sorry for the indecent bed it does have a skirt, but its been really hot in the house lately!!)

#9. My Closet. Yes I do keep my shoes that organized, notice Grant has NO shoes space...

#10. ME! (this is after 4 hours in the hot hot sun shopping, and taking a nice long nap)

The rules are:
1. When you read you are tagged you must stop everything you are doing, grab your camera and begin to take pictures of the listed rooms/items.
2. NO CLEANING and fixing things up.
3. Post them for all the world to see

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Eric and Jill said...

I'm impressed, I don't think that I have seen a closet that clean since my sister moved to Ogden so many years ago. I am totally on the Edward side. To me I feel that Jacob she loves like a brother. I think she is confusing herself to think that she could love him as an actual mate because he is her friend like Laura is my friend but you can't confuse how you feel about family with how you feel about a companion.