Friday, August 8, 2008

Time to Show Off.

Because lets admit it that excatly what I'm doing, sure I may hid it behind "Hey all Beloved Family and Friends heres what I have been up to!" But we all know the truth right? I am very proud of myself though and I've meant to do this for a while but haven't gotten around to it, what with my attention level matching an over active 5 year olds!

So for the extra time I've had recenty I have been buillding a Barbie house! I know I know WHY?! Thats easily answered. I'm obsessed with Ken. Kidding*, no really For those of you who know me I like being crafty and artsy, I also was in search of a hobby that didn't involve fattening cakes and frosting, and was long term. Also Amber fans (all 1 of you) will remembner that I really do like Dolls, preferably of the Cabbage Patch variety, so I thought of mixing the two and came up with a Doll House, and a Barbie one (because I intend on sharing, and isn't a cabbage patch doll house called a very nice a carpeted shed?) So thats what I have been doing on late Sunday nights, and Friday nights, and Thrusday nights, and All the nights Grant works.


The Works! Shoe boxs are good for SO many reasons, Espeically when they come with shoes in them first!

Ta Da!

This is a Barbie Patch work Quilt, I did it all myself, and only inflicted minor injurys on myself and the cat

Meat anyone? My next objects are: Cooked steaks, and REAL pop cans

Wicked awesome knife huh? I was very pleased with myself after that one

I love Pot.

the bane of my barbie doll house, Not a fan of the goblets. These are the cups you put HIGH in your cupboards

All the darling Products are brought to you by Biesinger Inc. (thats what the B stangs for)

Fruit anyone?

Canned food is still food, just lasts longer

if I were to turn over the been bag.. you'd see individual beans. I have a LOT of alone time

100% mold proof bread! Slightly hard but still good

Not only do I decorate cakes in the NOT barbie world I decorate them.. in Barbie world.. strange really

My little China Doll.. well she's not china and more of a Statuette and she's a Sheperdess..notice the sheep.

Love the REAL paper towls? I was going to make the kettle really able to pour, but it got late.

The Stone Bowl and Marble ball set I've never been able to find in the real world!

Chocolates AKA devils advocate

I guess this picture is to show my donuts, but its not a very good one if you ask me... I don't know what I was thinking when I took the shoot.

I know what your thinking and YES there really is a chocolate bar under the foil

These books are ambivalent, whatever the reader wants to read... quite useful really

These are some of the VERY first Barbie Items I made. Here is a snipit of my drawing skills.

Amber:"Grant can I get paper that looks like Leather?" Grant:"Why don't you just get leather?" So i did.

This is me finding out that old checks ARE useful after all. and so are.. buttons? maybe buckles of some sort

Neat huh? But can you guess they really are?

*Proof of my insanity and late nights: I created barbie mail complete with envelope stamp, and accompaning REAL written letters inside. Most of them are odd bills however one is a written confession of Staceys undying love for Ken, if you take the time (with a magnifying glass) you can actually read the note... i laughed for a solid 15 minutes at my own genuis..*still laughing but for compelely differn't reasons*


Anonymous said...

Those are all amazing. You must be a lot more patient than I am! Should I feel guilty for taking Grant away so many nights to play HALO when you're making such cute things in the meantime? DARLING!

The Gramber Bies said...

Actually I was doing this while he worked at Pizza Hut 4 nights a week, i have stopped for a bit because I hit a stand still, I want to start working on bigger objects that I need Grants help with ie: Bed, couchs,table & Chairs. The small clay objects got a bit tedious so i gave it a break before I started hating them.

Mandy said...

These are so cool Amber! You are really talented. I would not have the patience to do anything that little. Excited to see everything once you are done!

Mike and Lisa said...

Wow- those are amazing! You have quite the talent! I especially loved the little chocolates.

Eric and Jill said...

I can't believe that you have the determination to do those. I have often thought how this could be this or such but never follow through. I agree though that I think the paper towels were probably the coolest thing. So did you make it all from clay?

The Gramber Bies said...

thanks jillie, yeah most of them are femo clay, other then the obvious of course. I was surprised at my own creativity with the paper towls, that little tube in the middle was a pain but I got it! I'm also going to make toilet paper the same way! I like to make them as real as I can, I've made real wax candels with wicks.. You should see my plans for a fridge! I've only stopped short of actaully making things work ie: Lights, but I have done my homework and with grants know how I totally could get a working dollhouse.. only thing is I don't know if I want one, fire/shocking hazard. Not good for little girls.

Aaron Allen said...

Simply amazing. You've got a real talent for crafts. Now all you need to do is create a tiny XBox that actually plays a tiny version of Halo on a tiny wide-screen TV. I would give you a Nobel Prize for that.

Allysen said...

amber you're absolutely crazy! your kids will swallow all your hard work the first chance they get! but I am impressed, you're to cute maybe your kids will be just as cute and not want to eat your doll house.