Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How does your Garden Grow?

Currently Grant and I are busy trying to beat Mother Nature and start our garden on time! So far we’re in the lead however she is tight on our tale. Its not really fair, we have some obstacles that Mother Nature doesn’t! We have to take into account a very playful puppy with an affinity for plant type objects. Whose fascination knows no bounds, we have once unstuck her from a very prickly cactus, and more often times then not we are greeted with a mouth full of leaf, she always has something in her mouth. Accompanying her fondness for flora, she is a hoarder, who likes to hoard underground. This is the sole reason she doesn’t have any toys outside, they will end up 6 feet under. Never the less we have soldiered on making the Garden raised and putting a all to temporary fence around it. That’s the plan anyway. We still have far to many bricks to lay, and a LOT of dirt to maneuver, I do my best and have become quite the little shoveler (I can wield a shovel well!). We have the plants thanks to my very generous and awesome Uncle and Aunt, they are relaxing in their pots in some shade well out of the reach of Dagger, every time I pass them I offer them some moral support "Don’t worry eventually something will happen to you!" Hopefully we can get it all in this Wednesday, hopefully. Well there ya go
you know more than you did, weather you liked it or not isn’t my fault you could have stopped, and you know it! But like most eerily sparkling things you were drawn to it.

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Eric and Jill said...

oooh, Gardens are a healthy activity that are fun because you actually get to see the results. Hopefully, that is.