Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In Case your Interested..ANIME

I have a second blog Called : The Way it Goes

Its a helpmate-Anime tracker!

A What?

It helps people who don't know their Anime like the back of their hand, watch it correctly. Not only in order but Buy it AND find the Manga that corresponds with the show.


Well because I am one of those people. I love my Anime and am on the constant look out for more, however due to unknown forces getting my hands on sequential Anime episodes is incredibly difficult and confusing, at least for ME.

-I also have book series issues but that's a WHOLE different story and I'm currently getting treatment via a fanfreakintastic website -

So I do research all over the web to find out all about Animes before I even consider getting them. Because despite popular belief all Anime is not like Pokemon, in fact Pokemon is kinda its own genre. There are some that need to be avoided.

Moving on to my blog.

Since I do all this research and my mind is like a sieve I write it all down.. then one late night after hours a searching the WWW for a single show and becoming more and more infuriated at it, almost to the point where I wont watch the show purely on principle (curse you Saber Marionette), I had a thought:

"Freaking A! Is it that difficult to display this show in order? Why can't there just be SOME place to tell me Watch This one then THIS one then that one, honestly people and the Internet is supposed to HELP US?! With all the acclaimed Anime Fans/Freaks out there you'd think SOMEONE would have written it all down and posted it somewhere...."

That's when I realized I was that Anime Fan/Freak. So I started posting all my findings on a blog :) for all those pour lost Anime souls.

So if your interested you can go check it out: I've even added loads of cute pictures..


Allysen said...

amber amber amber, I love your anime freakism. its makes me look less freak like. keep up the good hard work darlin'

*Katie* The Untold Stories said...

Hi Amber I am one of your cousin Abbie's really good friends and my sisters and I have been looking for some where close to buy anime and manga. Do you know of any stores that aren't to far to drive to?