Monday, June 14, 2010

Escape from Witch Mountain.

It was a tough road, but we are finally back to normality (is that a word?). Kims married, Jakes married, everyone survived, I'd say that spells success. WOOT!

On ward and Up ward, and may a wedding not come within 5 miles of me until I say so..

So it's been 11 days since marital bliss has been locked up behind new apartment walls, and so far so good. Jake and Brooklyn are living happily in Ogden in probably the best place ever: The Junction. Honestly everything they don't need is within walking distance. Tasty restaurants, I-fly, a killer movie theater, a wave pool, and a rock wall!! *sigh* it's awesome. Kimmy and Brent just got back from their awesome Honeymoon and are actively searching for a place to call home. (if you know of anywhere, they are looking for somewhere in the Salt Lake Valley)

Allysen is back in beautiful Washington with her handsome hubby. Nick is really confused to the lack of family and X-box that now exist in his home, however he has appropriated himself a new bedroom fit for the handsome young man he is growing up to be.

Finally, Grant and I have locked ourselves in our basement and refuse to leave until we finish watching Death Note, and Bones. Or until I finish my third novel edit, and he completes Jake and Brooklyns photo album. Or until Grant triumphs at Secret of Mana and I take a four hour nap brought on by the Ice Forest. Or I finish my secret clay project, and Grant masters Internet code. Or.. or.. or..

Sooo, we are kinda busy, and we actually have ventured out into the sun. Except we were rewarded with being burned to crispy fries, so we ran back inside. I think we offended the sun, it hasn't been seen since.

This has been both good and bad for our darling pets. Cloud has been loving all the snuggle spots we create as we lounge around, as has Dagger. Gus doesn't so much cuddle as guard, so he's been liking that I've stayed in one place for long periods of time. What with him turning 13 this year, he doesn't like moving as much as he used too. It's very sad. On the opposite side, we haven't wanted to take the children out to play, so they have been as home bound as we have.

However Cloud did make a little excursion outside. It was totally contingent on him being able to see me though. I had the front door open and watched him investigate outside from the comfort of my couch and laptop. Every couple minutes I'd see him peek around the door frame to see if I was still there, and then scamper away again. It was the cutest thing, and only made better because Dagger was watching Cloud too, she would lick him every time he made his check-in before he left again.

Finally I got up for something so when he came back and found me gone, he began making his displeasure known, and once he found me wouldn't leave my side. Which made editing on my laptop really hard.

The Biesingers are back, and better than ever! Just don't expect us to do much. :D

I will however, let you look at some of Kimmys Wedding pictures. Grant wasn't the photog (ask "why" only if you own a bullet proof vest) -ever- so we have very little pictures because it was up to me to take them, and I was busy being goofy and riding on a train. We do have some, and those I will share. Lucky you.

The new Pack family. Awe...

The completely bored 10 year old. This is at the temple. Luckily after pictures.

The Kimball House... I think. It was very nice!

Table decor, you can thank yours truly, for this idea.

Grooms Mommy made the cakes, and they tasted SOOO good.

This looks great, but tastes ten times better.

I said "being goofy" didn't I?

The littles of my Isaac family loved this train more than anything! They rode it, all night. Granted, I did too...

Finally, our beautiful bouquets!! Aren't they stunning? Way to go flower people! Allysen, Brooklyn and I were Bride-martons, and so we had these :D


Eric and Jill said...

So glad you survived both weddings. Loved that Cloud likes to make sure you're around. I wish Izzie would do that outside. She never leaves me while inside but outside is her territory and apparently I'm not invited. You both sound incredibly busy. That's nice though that its both of you and not just one of you. (BTW, the vest is on and secure...let me have it! :))

Irish Roxs said...

I want to copy paste some of those pictures! I WANT the one of you and me on the stairs. Like What it framed want it! I WANT IT!! You were being goofy girl. It was a great. Now that I saw your post I feel like posting one of my own, I still haven't gotten Jakes up yet. Well I have a lot of down loading to do. Love you!!