Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Desk is worth a thousand Stories.


Work is like a second home to those of us with full time jobs. We stay in our office, cubicle, truck, what have you, for at the least 8 hours a day. Some people stay longer (you poor poor people). So it goes without saying that we tend to make our "area" more comfortable, and home like. Different people do different things, some decorate, some put mini fridges in their office, some get small golfing greens, some fill their office with dead and stuffed birds..and other people in movies get elliptical machines! (I spelled that wrong I know but get over it)

This is what I do.

I'm very much like Ariel the little Mermaid, as this is my collection of utterly random objects. The only thing they share in common is that they were given to me. Some are actual gifts, most of them are however from my famously wonderful Pirate Captain Leader Susan Young, but I have a few from insanely unfair Cabo sales meetings, and trips out of state. Some were given without the intent to actually give and others are things my guys at work have found on roofs and brought back to show me. I brought a few on my own, and even smaller few followed me here on their own.

I've meant to do this for a while, but I'm lazy, and my collection is by no means finished. It grows by one at least every month. My rule is: if I am given something, doesn't matter how useless or pointless or stupid it is, or if I wasn't actually even given it, I will find it a home some place. I have to balance that out with cute of course, and that is where Susan comes in. She supplies me with so much cute I will never lack for a happy place to be.

Alrighty, I have gone through and numbered all my objects and given you a closer look at them. I will supply a short story to go along with it as well. If there is one :D


R= found on roof and given to me
S= given to me by Susan

1- This darling push-pin design was inspired by utter boredom. Nothing more.

2-Jealous of other CentiMark offices, I have jumped on the Halloween Decor bandwagon. I made them all on a lunch break.

3 - (s)Last year Christmas gift. Her name is Diddlina. (the pictures should be self explanatory, except that they are over 5 years old)

4- Dread Pirate Lip Gloss. (s)
5- Subordinate lip glosses

6- Christmas Card (s)
7- Bestest Lotion in the world
8- This was put on a envelope to my salesman, I intervened and defused the scandelous inter-vendor romance (jk)
9-Rubix cub stress ball (r)
10-Pirate for life pin (s)
11-Hello Kitty Drug..er.. mint holder (s)
13-Folder paper thing, made/given by my Service Sales Guy.
14-CentiMark Mint bucket

15-Mini Football (r)
16-Carrot candy holder (not really sure)
17-White Mokana, I made her :D
18-The bridal party pin from Allys wedding, sans head. (giggle)
19-Its a rose made from Kisses. Salesmans wife made a bunch to give to people for V-day and one stowed away in his brief case, he gave it to me so it wouldn't melt. I have it ever since
20- House Carabeaner (r)
21-Scratch and Win Transformer from BK. Service Sales won a Sausage Biscut.. no one wanted it so he gave it to me (I didn't want it either)
22- A rude fortune I got eating out for lunch

23- A sticker Sue put on a payroll check for me.
24-I get random dove chocolates from Chocolate Zorro.. I kept this one, it was cute.
25-Souvenir from Cabo. >.>
26- If I spun the ball around it would say CentiMark. I stole it from a golf Tourny :D Hey I earned it sitting at the table for 2 hours freezing da buns off.
A-Mokana, again I made him :D
B- Festive charm bracelet (r)
C- This was once much bigger. It was a Bird Pen. The foot was the stand and the Bird wore the hat. The bird kept tipping over and I hated him anyway so I ripped off his head, dispoused of the body and stuck his hat on his foot. I mean who wouldn't do that right?
D- Salesman was teasing me when he gave me his old Fresh Market key card. He should know better.
E- Is an E! (r)

27- Football (duh) (r)
28-Unwittingly I declared my love for Koalas. So I got one from a Corp friend :D (thanks Karen!)
Koalas are cute though. (yes he is balanced precariously on that ball)

29-Kitty made of Stone. (me!)
30-Marble (r)
31-Fuzzy Big Brother. I got him at a Mary Kay thing that my sister-in law Angie took me too.
32-Tinkerbell cell phone charm. (r)

33- Bouncy Ball (r)
34-Amber the Moose. It was brought back from Alaska for little 'ol me.
35-Lilly Livered Feather. Seriously people they got EVERYWHERE, this one followed me to work, last thing it ever did.
36-Fish tank marble (r)
37-Stick-on Sequin (r, how they found it I couldn't tell you)
38-Twist Tie love! (boredom flows through me like electricity to a craft power source)
39-My piece of 8. Or an earing that caught on my coat and dropped at the door of my office and was found by my Manager. :D

Not pictured: Kitty-Bunny Sticker(s). It's kinda all by itself on the left side of my monitor. You can however see it on the COVER ALL photo at the beginning (if you really really want to)

You probably noticed a bunch of colored labels/note things along the shelf. Those are reminders to myself to do things/how to do things/code things They are for work purposes and thus don't get to be show cased in this blog.

Just a reminder, I've been collecting these things since I started work here. Some are 5 years old, some (the E and the Koala) are only a few days old.

There are a few exceptions, but for the majority if you give it to me in a work enviroment, it will get displayed thusly.

Anyway, just alittle insight into my madness.


Ashley said...

I LOVE cubicle decoration! I think I may have to decorate my desk here at home like I used to decorate my cube! It was amazing to me when I packed up my cube how much 'stuff' I really had!
ps - SOOOOO happy to see the blog back!! <3

Irish Roxs said...

Couple of questions for you. 1. What is a Chocolate Zorro? How can I get one? 2. Don't you giggle at a beheaded pin that I gave you. She didn't deserve that, I'd like to know what happened! 3.Fuzz Big Brother?? really thats all I can say.
Those are my questions, here is my comment. You know you're just a hair away from being a hoarder and having someone call that show. j/k, unless you keep this up. Love you!

The Gramber Bies said...

I kinda wish I had a cubicle all to myself, I've seen sooo many fun things done with them.. Granted most of them are on Icanhazcheezeburger and are infact a joke, but still!!

Chocolate Zorro is someone who knows of Ambers need of chocolate and supplies it secretly.. though I really do know who it is. Her head bent was I was puttnig her on my wool winter coat and I bent it back and PING! off her head went! Sorry!! I still do have her head though. No.. I'm not a hoarder, hoarders think something will be useful someday. I KNOW none of this will be useful ever. :D