Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Author is in!

I'm being very liberal with the term "Author" I just write stories, anything I want to see played out. It's self gratification in a verbal, wordy form, really, if you think about it.

So! What am I writing now good question. I'll blurb out a few:

Working Title: Olympus Knight, or Breathing Underwater.

Once upon a time in a high school not unlike your own two students studied and learned all the things they need for the outside world.

Abby and Oliver: lovers at first sight, bonded soulmates, best friends forever, and all before they say the word hello. In fact their connection for each other is so strong that it lasts for months without them ever introducing themselves to each other. One can only imagine what happens, when they do.

It wouldn't be a high school romance novel without the obligitory love triangle, and token jealous people drama-lama, so of course they will make a grand apperance. Tragedy, Comedy, Romance, Suspense, Repitition, and Cliche's at their best folks. Or at MY best, in any case.

Working Title: Monsters

As far as Meg knows, her life is completley normal. She has a job, is going to school, and just rented her first appartment. Sure things could go wrong, but how bad could they be?

Well if you consider being attacked by an unknown creature bad, then her life could get worse. Worse being a brutal and bizzare death.

And yet she breaths still. With no pulse, no blood flow or body heat, she would be considered dead by anyones standards. Anyone not living in the world she now found herself in.

With the help of her new found friends she learns to embrace her future, and her past.

This is mostly Romance Drama, Comedy and if Grant had his way, World Domination. Maybe someother time..

Working Title: It doesn't have one, I just call it Dragon Hunt.

On his quest for the mythical Dragon of Destiney (uughh.. not the name I'll stick with ) Patrick Caffton faces many trials, including, but not limited to: finding (another) guide, starvation, sticker burs, huge thick forests, and the beasts that live in them, hired hit men, men that want him dead, really mean mages, and his ex-fiance and quest companion.

But this time he's gotten in to deep, and his wounds, both phyiscal and mental wont allow him the luxurary of independant traveling so he's forced to ask for help, and swallow his pride.

Aaaaannnd that's IT!

Well sort of. I have lots and lots of little idea snippits cluttering up my computer file space, but most of them are just that, ideas. A few wont ever see the light of day, and another select few will probably get mushed in together with another story. There are two other largers stories I could blurb, butI haven't worked on them for years. And of course there's my un-edited (almost) novel.. *sigh *

Forgive me for my vagueness but I don't want anyone thinking they can steal my ideas. What I have written isn't enough for anyone to steal my story from. Trust me, I left out all the good bits.

Well there you have it! That's what I've been doing lately.

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SLY said...

WOW! You sure are working all four burners on your stove, aren't you!!! Very impressive, MOST impressive! I admire your ability to just!do!it! writing! I'm so lazy, I get ideas but if I don't pounce on them right away, the muse fades away like a ghost... You. Go. Girl!