Friday, July 8, 2011

Past, Present and Future Part. 1

Story time! Is everyone here? Good now, as my title has predicted I will be discussing events of the past, present and the future. I know I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, but this is different, I promise. Instead of tattle telling on little Amber, I’ll be gossiping about Big Amber.

That’s right, this time I will be talking about current events. These events are the very beings that have prohibited me from writing about them. It’s a relatively calm moment though, so I shall divulge a few snippits of stories.

Though, it should also be noted that this is part 1. I see your mouths hanging open, and indeed it is true, enough relevant and slightly important happenings have occurred that I wont be able to discuss them all in one go.

So let’s start.

Back in June I was put in as the Second Counseler of the Relief Society Pres. in my ward.


If I didn't know the calling was inspired of the Lord, I would be greatly dubious of the judgement of my Bishop. I mean I've been in primary, wrangling four-year-olds for five years! And now they want me to be an adult?

So far so good, I guess, I haven't fallen asleep in Sunday School, or Relief Society yet, and that's without the aid of toys and/or candy. And I've already Conducted like a champ and given a lesson to people who can actually read and answer without first telling me all about their puppy and new bike and bad boo that now has a Spiderman band-aid on it, but it can come off, want to see?

I do miss my artistically challenged depictions of pretty much everything, and having the trump card of "You wont get a treat if you don't: sit/ stop climbing the wall /stop turning off the lights / stop hiding in the cave that is under the table” hidden up my sleeve. But at least the chance that any of the Relief Society ladies will lift their skirts over their head is really slim.

We are painting the ill-fated blue trim on our patio. If you think about it baby blue trim on a yellowish/redish brick house, doesn't work in the; not even the littlest bit! Lucky for us no one did think about it, just like they didn't think about running giant black screws every 5" into the baseboard without covering them up. Lucky, lucky us.

We planted a garden much like last year, though we held a funeral for my cucumbers a little too early, *sniff * they were so young! The investigation is on going, though we’ve decided the erstwhile pickles either committed suicide out of jealousy of the Zuke or the Zuke murdered it. I believe both sides, and not because I’m afraid the monster zucchini plant will come for me in the middle of the night either (although I am.).

Our darling Dagger is physcotic (sp?), any sound over a moderate yell, and she runs for cover. Often running straight for the outside world, in which she thinks will be safer then her own back yard. It usually isn't, but that doesn't stop her. She does this despite all the traps and treatments we've put into place to stop her from doing this. She is willing to inflict minor to moderate harm to herself (and others) just to escape the vacuum.

We went on the most awesome-est Bear Lake trip with my family ever!!. I shall not spoil the blog that is in the works although I will say this: Running Water.

The Big Bang Theory and Bleach discs have taken over our entertainment. But we're kinda ok with that.

And now finally for the last piece of show stopping information:

I may be a mother yet.

Stay tuned for the exciting sequel: Past Present and Future part 2.


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May be a mother yet?!

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