Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In Which I try to break the unbreakable

Last week we made one of our weekly trips to Lowes. (exciting I know)

Now if you've never been to Lowes you haven't experienced the sensation of being bored out of your wits and being overwhelmed with limitless possiblities to better your home and garden(s).

On this particular trip we are in the search for outlet covers(!) Altogether not a hard task, or even that boring, you see its next to the sample light switches, and if you have a child under the age of 3 you'll know the significants of those (they go up and down and make a neat clicking noise!)

Now I'm not entirely sure how this all came about but it started with the discovery of a brand that claimed it was UNBREAKABLE. And ended with me monologing about how unbreakable things really can be broken, "if you honestly put your back in to it, sure".

So to my utter delight and astonishment Grant bought an extra cover for the sole purpose of its experamental destruction.

View Experament below:

(Did I have fun smaking the cover with a hammer? Yes, yes I did)

TA DA ~ * -

Now it still may be in one piece but we're pretty sure it belongs in the land of misfit home accessories ie BROKEN!!!!!!!!


Aaron Allen said...

Bravo! Piece of advice, though: if you read something that's "undrinkable" -- like anti-freeze -- just take its word for it :^)

Eric and Jill said...

It still didn't break though. You have to give them credit. Do you think that they planned on having a few people just like you who would actually plan to try it out.