Friday, January 30, 2009

Angels Above

Hallelujah! I've got the cake bug back! Thanks to my cute Sister In-law Ginny who helped me bring out all my tips and decorator bags once again.

I haven't decorated a cake in over a year, mainly because I had reached the limit of my frosting knowledge and needed to do some major studying. Which as my mother can attest, I've been trying hard to avoid doing since Jr. High. I know its a lame reason but I don't learn from reading I learn from DOING, but every time I tried to Do i would fail and then get furious and then.. well the cake would end up.. say for the sake of the Blog Title, In cake Heaven.

Also I don't like decorating cakes without a reason, and as I've said before Grant and I don't eat cake much so if I made one for fun it would just sit around the house not getting ate*! Not wanting to waste cake I just would wait for a reason, and surprisingly the world really doesn't have many events where a cake is needed, well at least not in my world.

However this bug really bit hard, so I pulled out our oldest cake mix (Spice! ::shivers::) and proceeded at my own pace to create and decorate a cake!

Four days from the initial Bake I now have this displayed on my kitchen table:

Cute Huh?!

To me she is NEARLY PERFECT, from the leveling of the cake to the tip of her wings! Its the best frosting job I've ever done! I should have taken a picture of that!
Nearly? yes Nearly. She is also the product of many experiments:
Ex #1: though you can't see it I've tested out a new butter cream recipe
Ex #2: The Fondant is Marsh mellow made! YUM
Ex #3: If you notice, the blue is a in places. I used a spray coloring instead of directly coloring the fondant. I don't like it, but I'll have to practice some more
Ex #4: the swirls are made from me still experimenting with the spray coloring.
Ex #5: Which isn't actually an experiment, just a miscalculation. She is supposed to be looking down on the world.. however for the size the world is, she should be amongst the stars.. which means she can't be on a cloud, but she is, and I wasn't going to change it. So what did I do? I did THIS:

Now she's looking down at a hill with a house on it and the blue is water not sky.

I don't really care though because I'm still very proud of my angel!

isn't she the cutest?

And this is just the beginning! I have many more planned! ::ignoring groans from Grant:: However while this cake has lived its 2 week old life on my counter the proceeding ones will not. I've come up with a solid strategy: The Doorbell Cake ditch!

~See you later~


Jenn H. said...

You are so funny!! I love it!!

Tom, Tiff, Ryan, Paige said...

I love the angel! You did an awesome job. I think "Doorbell Cake Ditch" is a great idea, you can start with my house :)

Mike and Lisa said...

I agree...we would welcome a doorbell ditch anytime. :)

Eric and Jill said...

I think you just need to be a little moer open wiht what events really call for cake. If I had your gift I would be making cakes for every family gathering, half-birthdays, real birthdays, every holiday that's noted in the calendar (when you really pay attention, there's a ton) and if that's not enough every day is someone's birthday. Just look online and I'm sure you'll find someone entertainingi enough to make a cake for!

The Gramber Bies said...

ooo Jillie i like your style I think I just might.. i think Ash Wednesday is coming up, that could make a very ... interesting cake