Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tired of just reading Blogs, want to comment now and again?

WELL NOW YOU CAN! Effective today The GramberBies has officialy released their comment block so even the most computer illiterate may comment at will.

We Hope you enjoy this new feature, and if you don't PLEASE feel free to let us know!
We look forward to your commenting future!
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hello yunz two! It's SUE (pernatural) from you-know-what-roofing-company Corporate Office! Just wanted to stop in and say...I've got my eye on your blog! LOL ;)

Eric and Jill said...

So here's a comment: I was making angel food cake today and its funny cause no matter how long its been everytime I make it I always remember making it with you, Ally and your mom for your wedding. I loved how she would always let us eat one of the two. It took so long to make all the cakes cause we never got tired of eating it. Yummy.

T.W.I.G. Girl said...

lol i remember that and you know what i still love Angel food cake, and hot chocolate! we have NEVER not ONCE ever not had hot chocolate i our house since we have been married, we drink it rain or shine, snow or 100 degree weather, we LOVES it! Jilie your so sweet!

T.W.I.G. Girl said...


Mike and Lisa said...

Yay-I didn't even know there was the possibility of a comment block?! Are you feeling better these days? We need to do something fun with you guys, its been awhile!