Thursday, July 9, 2009

Long time no Blog.

So apparently I haven't blogged in a while. Last night My wonderful husband told me I needed to blog again since the last one was in March, and not really about our familys happenings. Which I contended with: Why don't you blog, and Our family watches Anime, 'watching' is a verb and considered a happening.

I do feel a little bit guilty, we have done a lot since I last posted. Stuff worth mentioning too.

Lets see. We went to California with Grants Brother and his wife (aka Garrett and Mandy), we saw Wicked with Jason (aka our bestest buddy), We got central air (aka freezing your house in 20 seconds or less) I learned how to make Laundry detergent with my Mum. Grant re-wired our entire house without causing any major damage to property or person. We made awesome Mothers Day gifts I created a quiet book that was killing me softly with its felt. Most recently we went to Lake Powell, and that was like 3 days ago so I'm not THAT behind.. erm..

So I was going to wait for pictures to post this but that might take up to much more exciting time and THEN I will have to update this again... and I'm very lazy and quiet frankly beginning to hate the written language.

And its not even because I haven't written in a long time and find it boring or irrelvant, I've BEEN writing. 900wpd to be precise. Ok well to be MORE precise 500wpd for a month then 900wpd since July 1st. Why? Well you may as well ask, doesn't mean I'll tell you but you can ask anyway.

Never say I wasn't merciful.

I should have Some pictures up later, I'll try to do that today. Sorry for the pathetic post but I need to get it outta the way.

Love you all :D
(sorry this is all I got for now)

So Geg (jacob) went WAY natural on the trip..Hot huh?

What tubbing without tub wars?

I didn't know this picture was taken..

Take a look at that water!!


In which the wearer of the swimsuite was not aware of its see throughness

And lastly, what a good hair style without its accessories?


Irish Roxs said...

stupid girl I made the comment that you haven't blogged in while and that you should. Don't give Grant all the credit, eventhough he is your loving husband and you'd mostly likely listen to him over me in a heart beat, but hey, I'm going to stand on my box until I want to okay! How's the "not going to say" 900 wpd going? I want to "noting going to say" it!

Irish Roxs said...

okay now that I see the pictures I'm really jealous! Jakes hair is way...funny. and Your swimmy suit is super super cute, if see through.

Eric and Jill said...

Your swim suit is cute but not all that see through. You can't really feel bad when its the black showing through. I'm so jealous you got to head out there again. And even see the indian stuff. I love that part. 500-900 is a ton of work. Way to stay focused! My friend down here when to see Wicked and said it as amazing. What did you think about it? California, now I'm really jealous. What part did you go to and what did you get to do?

Anonymous said...

What a fun trip! Maybe I'm blind but I don't think your suit is see through. A bit clingy maybe, but it's a swimsuit, it's supposed to be clingy. Thanks for sharing pictures!