Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Cake that Beat the Rest.

Or actually didn't however I think it's probably the coolest cake I made EVER!!

Making it was also a LOT OF FREAKING FUN!!

Why? Well I had my lappy set up on the counter while I baked and created, and I was able to send some of those creative juices just surging around into my novel! I wrote some of the best stuff I've got yet in those cake making hours.

It was a good day. So... want to see that cake? It's pretty killer awesome. Ok ok stop you're making people stare.

DA da:

Isn't it pretty? Ok bad angle but it's still nice... *loves* It was for the sis's 20th Happy Happy. (Translation: This cake that I am in love with, was created for my sister Kimberlys celebration of her 20th year on earth.)

Lets see thats.. a Royal Icing Crown. and Buttercreme flouncing with sparkles.

Ok on to the next Blog.


Eric and Jill said...

Every time I hear about your cake making experience I swear to myself that I'm going to learn too. Haven't yet but I'm holding on to that dream. One day Eric will come home to a mess in the kitchen with a something that might resemble a cake if you focus at just the right spot and you will know that my dream is beginning to come true. (Granted it will end when I can do the three tier cakes like you and learn to decorate them as well but the dream will start and that's the point right?)

The Gramber Bies said...

Yes! Dream it and it will come true! It's so much fun!! Making a cake is like writing a book in ways. Its a WHOLE lot harder then it looks. Granted Cakes are easier, and take infinately less time. And you can eat them.

I wish I were closer or you were or something so I could help you. :)