Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Writing a Novel is fun to do.

Or is it?

Actually it is :D


Holy freaking COW! I can't wait until it's finished grrrrrrrrr....

If I have to google search one more thing I'm going to cry.

WoW! I had no idea that dervived from THAT!

This is so neat, I can't wait to finish this scene.

Poor Will.

Ugh.. whats another word for "said"

Grant I'm thinking of this word, it means this: *insert long unintelagable description* what is it?

If crinolines (hoop skirts) were that dangerous and annoying, why did women continue to wear them for half a century??

Poor, poor Will.

Dear Mister Drill Seargant Man: If I write 1800 today can I skip tomorrow?
Dear Stone: No, but if you want to write 1800 today be my guest.

AH!!!!!!!!!!! Lap top died again before I saved :'(

Cloud move. Cloud move. Cloud move. Cloud move. Cloud move. Cloud move. Cloud move.

Grant: How do the words come?
Amber: They aren't
Grant: Oh?
Amber: *steam coming from ears* I've been researching *annoying question I can't find an answer to anywhere though I havewhole internet and about a dozen books scattered around me*
Grant:*lucky to leave room alive*

*posts on writers forum*
Todays Word Count is: 79,264

Ok so thats pretty much the gist of it all. Luckily Grant is very supportive though he's about as tired as I am. 900 words takes me anywhere from 30mins to 4 hours to write, depending on if I fully outlined the section, or had a dream about it, or have to play catch up *shifty eyes* Anyway I also have about a million other people supporting me as well, and thats not counting my cross dressing cheerleaders on Fifthwind.

And I want to publicly thank them all. THANKS QUASI FANS!! I honestly wouldn't be this far if it wasn't for peoples like you. Oh and the Boot Camp, but thats also based on not wanting to look stupid in front of your peers.

Ok gotta save my brain for another round of 900 tonight.. or in a second if I decided I want to write at work or not. Which if I don't I'll just do more research.. ((come on this is why I picked fantasy so I didn't have to have any actual facts...*cry*))


Irish Roxs said...

LOL oh my gosh Amber your hilarious!Good luck baby girl send what you've got to me I want to read it! Love you!!!

Jenn H. said...

I love you Amber!!! The cake turned out awesome!! I think it is awesome that you are working so hard on the book!! Good luck and let me know if you need anything!

Eric and Jill said...

You are very entertaining! I can't comprehend the frustration you're going through. I mean I wouldn't have thought about all that goes into it but as Eric and I critic books together I do have a better idea. Its amazing the difference between those who just write a story and those who have a story to tell. I'm mean you need to know the background about what your writing and have rules in which your characters must follow even if they are never written. I'm really proud of how well you are doing and hope you'll let me read it when you are done! I'm also curious as to how many pages 79,210 words would make. Keep writing and don't give up!
Love ya!

Ash said...

I'm so proud of you Amber! Keep it up! I can't wait to read more of your story!!!

Elizabeth said...

Ha, this struck a chord with me. Writing is a blessing and a curse. With that said, I need your address. I have a care package made to help with your novel writing. =)

The Gramber Bies said...

Liz? :D Oh gosh *hugs* It's been a long time. I'd love to give you my address only thing is I feel weird posting it here. Give me a shout at my email address and I'll respond with my physical address.


I have to admit I've very curious what kind of carepackage a writer needs. In anycase thats very sweet of you :D

Okie said...

Ah the joys of writing....I really need to get back into a regular routine. Though I don't miss some of the frustrating bits you describe.

Best of luck. Keep it up.

Katie said...

Let me read it when you are finished, K.?