Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decemeber's one busy month!

Christmas is usually what December is remembered for. But thats for those who don't have birthdays in this "splendid" snow coverd month. It's also for those who don't have anniversaries in the bitter cold weeks. It's also for those who haven't had anyone die in the dark days of midwinter.

For this month, my family is partiularly weighed down.

Starting of course within the first week by Ally and I's birthday. And for those anit-Amber and Allysen people (I'm sure theres a few out there) who still want to party like its 1985 or 1941, you can celebrate Pearl Harbor.. not sure why you'd want to though.. perhaps "observing" would be better, start less global drama that way, hmm?

Both Al and I had awesome birthdays, though I'm a bit jealous, she was winged to Texas to snoodle Jillies baby, though I got fantabulous home made dinner, and got to watch Nick cheat his way to the top spot in a Yatzee type game thing he has. I'm so proud of him!

The next big day, would have been my Parents 26th (I may or may not have made up that number) wedding anniversary BUT on the 12th the 3rd oldest of the Hill-clan poped the all important question to the lovely Brooklyn, and we were all sent the update in family status via text, which then had me dancing in the middle of Target.


So this would normally be where my family tackles Geg happily, had he been in Utah at the time of course. Though his location really didn't have any affect to the lack of celebration because the next day our Papa Hill died, after a long battle with his insides. (I'd get more technical but I don't know the whole story so I don't feel I should) 15 years and 13 days short of his beloved wife and my wonderful Grandma Hill.

Papa we'll miss you.

Now would be the time I spout sentiments about my parents anniversary, but WAIT another big day:

on the 14th I finally finished decorating my christmas tree!! I have been informed that this is the last year I can have my "white trash" tree.. I love it, but sadly it took me fourteen days to complete it!! Freaking stupid popcorn strings.

Still it's cute, don't you agree:

Next big day: The Gingerbread Massacre.

See that cute little Ginger couple at the bottom? Gone. See the Happy go lucky guy on the right. Gone. See the guy behind him? He is remarkably untouched.

The next day to celebrate with gifts of the awesome sort, would be the Parents anniversary. Sadly I'm a little blog happy and that day has yet to happen, so I can't really say anything about it. Christmas has a similar fate, it may only be ten days away, but I still don't have future seeing powers :( Same goes for the rest of the stuff I can't remember or forsee..

Other things of note:
I've finished my first edit and moved on to my second. AND the unlucky folk to have experienced the first draft are beginning to finish.. Alive!

Um... Voice lessons rock, only I haven't been in a while because decemeber is far to busy for it's own good.

leessseee... Nope, that's it. You may now get back to your regularly scheduled lives. (if you want, by all means read my blog again, I don't judge)


Eric and Jill said...

YOu are great and hanging out with Nick on your birthday was probably more exciting than being here. Lanie doesn't even know the difference sometimes between objects and people. SUch as today I called her name and she looks at the stroller off to my left.
Your tree did look amazing. Sorry about the gingermen. At least they took one for the team.
Also, so exciting about Jake. He or you guys will have to post pictures of the beautiful Brooklyn so they rest of us know who she is.
I'm also very sorry about your Papa. Its always strange how even being ready for something doesn't really make it any easier.
Finally, congrats on your first edit. That's a huge accomplishment. I am just about done with mine so if you want to get me your address I can send it to you. But Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement and Christmas!!! Boy you're right...it is a busy month.

The Gramber Bies said...

Actaully I do have a picture of Brooklyn on here, she's on the one where we went to Raspberry days. But I will get more updated pictures.

lol Lanie!! Your mommy is not the stroller!

Thanks Jillie Bean, happy brithday to you TOOO old lady! and Merry Christmas as well.!!!