Friday, February 19, 2010

Blogger Fail.

As I'm sure you've all noticed, I haven't updated my blog in quite a long time. Honestly I've been purposefully ignoring it, I don't know how many watch my blog or even care about it, sooo it steadily moved down the list of important/fun things to do.

For my own reasons I've been keeping so busy that I hardly remember what down time feels like. Grant is usually busy, so his schedule hasn't changed much.

Since December I've been going to play practice Tuesdays and Saturday mornings for our Stake Melodrama. It's called the Veggie Villain and it's hilarious! I play the Villianess Lily Liverd, and apparently I was born to play the role, not so sure how I like that. Anyway that will be in April if anyone wants to come see, I'll get you dates if your interested.

Second on my list is Voice lessons, I have also been taking those since November? Ya November I think.. oh well. Its been fun every Thursday I drive out to Farmington and give my voice a good work out, and it's actually getting better :D Hurray for patient Sister-inlaws!!!

Nextly I've finished the first part of my second edit for my novel. I've been working on 10 pages a day and hopefully I'll be done with the edit before march, that's my goal. This hasn't really taken up much time because I normally do it while watching a movie (anime) or something, so it's like killing two hobbies with one stone!!

Now this is new to my ever-growing list of hobbies, but I've wanted to do this for a while. K ladies, don't you LOVE acrylic nails? so smooth and shiny and pretty and make back scratches feel like heaven? But they cost SO much money and you have to go back and refill them every 2 weeks or so.. pain in the fanny. But I like them so much, and my mom can tell you I've had a fondness for long nails since I was very little. So I did what any normal hobby addict would do. I bought myself a kit and have taught myself to do my own nails. So far only my left hand has had them, but they look freaking AWESOME!! They don't all look the same, each are a little different style, but thats on purpose... yup Totally on purpose.. :D

So between play practice, voice practice, nail practice, editing, keeping up my house and convincing my hubby that none of these are a punishment in anyway. I have had little time to play on the computer, and when I have been on the comp, it's to check email, check DeviantArt, check a few of my webcomics, and thats it. Alright, I've gotten on to facebook a few times, but really those who watch/care know I'm hardly ever on there.

Now on to Lastly. If you don't know I have hobbies, then you don't know me (I'm Amber btw) I have a LOT of hobbies, I can and will do anything I want. All of this sounds self serving, da? And you'd be right, it is, but not anymore! As of next wednesday I will be corrupting a Little to my insane hobby addictions. Every middle of the week I will work my goal of taking over the world, you didn't know I had that goal huh? Its always the quiet ones you least suspect.

Nah, I'm kidding, actually I've agreed to teach my cousin Elle my skills lol. She wants to learn to sew and play with clay and decorate cakes, and make jewelry. Isn't that great? I'll finally get someone to do my nails on my right hand! (that last one was false, unless she really wants to learn, who am I to say no?) I'm very excited to do this, and can't wait to start. I have informed my Aunt that I don't do things by the book, and she's still willing to send her daughter to me for an hour every week... tee hee..

SO that be me, Amber, however I can see Grant writing this.. but only if he was drugged. Well there you have it, you know more about me, hopefully I didn't scare you off. Bye.


Mandy said...

I check for updates! :)

Jenn H. said...

You silly girl!! You need to put me in your schedule too!! We really need to hang out!

Eric and Jill said...

That was a perfect update on what's been happening for you! I cannot describe how jealous of Elle I am. I have been wanting to learn your talents ever since I saw them. (Especially the cake decorating!!!)
Also, I can't believe you had ever mentioned that you were taking voice lessons. I've had some friends who have done that before and their voices sound great.
You acted like your life was pretty boring but from the sounds of it, you're doing just about everything I would like to do! I'll have to start working on that to catch up a little. Keep up the blog, I really love looking at it.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you were taking voice lessons! You'll have to belt out a tune for me sometime.

And for what it's worth, I check your blog regularly for updates. I also check Allysen's. I don't check as often as I used to because you don't update as often, but I definitely check once or twice a week in hopes you've updated. :)

Is Kris paying you to babysit, or did she sucker you into it? ;)


The Gramber Bies said...

Sorry Jeffy, I'll do my best to keep up. I have another blog up my sleeve for the cruise we went on, now all I need is time :D

I might sing for you sometime.. maybe.

Yes, I'm getting paid, but it's not babysitting!! More like Amber-sitting, keeping me from doing .. well actually.. bwahahaa

Jillie I have a solution for you: Move closer. Or! Skype!! :D

Jenn I know, I'm sorry you need to tie me down otherwise I fill up my free time quickly.

THANKS Mandy!!