Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My last blog was to placate family and friends, or to be more embarrassingly pointed: Jillie-bean Jackson. She was my inspiration and consequently my reason for wanting to write again. See Miss Jill is an excellent blogger, and has kept everyone in the blogasphere abreast of her growing and giggling daughter. Who is absolutely B-E-A-UTIFUL! (Cookies to anyone who gets that quote) I'd blog a lot to if I had a daughter like Lanie (soonish Amber, soonish) but since I don't I need to find other reasons to blog.

Short of creating a new world my family doesn't know I live in, there isn't much to say that I haven't already. Clouds reign of terror is almost complete. Dagger has successfully found out how many "licks" it takes to get to the center of a tennis ball, Gus has reached a new level of socialism, and the bonsai died. The mini blueberry tree however is thriving and soon we will be able to make our very own blueberry-topia.

My last blog pretty much told you all about my recent misdoings, and Grant would probably hide my chocolate milk if I laid my creatively licensed hands on his days activities. What else... hmm... what else. OH! Hey did you know the sky is not really blue? Yes? Dang.

Oh I got it, you'll like this one, this ones going to rock your socks. Or at least the one you're wearing.

I tell ya, I don't care what you're doing to them stars are evil.

Neat ain't it? Grant designed and made those cabinets! You'll never guess what kind of trickery he used, or the secrets they hold.

The entertainment center head on. It's a piece of art isn't it? It's even functional to the houses structure!!

Eventually when the office upstairs is needed for something far more important, the family computer will relocate here. If you can't tell Grant is a fan of storage space, and promised me he'd make it look good. Boy did he ever. Right now it houses blankets and games, though has the versatility/ability to hold anything from files to a mini fridge. (I told you they had secrets)

I see you still have your sock(s).. oh well can't say I didn't try. I mean we think it's truly awesomeness on earth, and really, we are the only ones that matter. So you can keep your holy socks, I've got an anime to watch with the lights dimmed and a bowl of popcorn.


Mike and Lisa said...

Your bonsai died?! Sad! Mike has had 2 bonsai's. The first one died, and I told him if he killed the 2nd one he doesn't get another one. And guess what, 4 years later its still alive! I think it took threatening to get Mike to take care of it. Those little things are so picky!

Tom, Tiff, Ryan, Paige said...

Your basement looks awesome! Good job on cabinets Grant!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a far cry from the dungeon it used to be! Awesome cabinetry there Grant! (Wow! That is a lot of exclamation points!)

I think Grandma might like to come down and see what you've done.


Eric and Jill said...

WOW, that is so amazing! I can't believe people actually know how to make something like that. I'm so glad its finished for you! Enjoy it!

Ashley said...

Wowza!! That's amazing!!! Can you guys come do our basement please??????

Irish Roxs said...

I get cookies I get cookies!! I actually used that quote in my latest blog too! Joey didn't get it either. Weirdo, or are we the weirdos? Anyway, your basement is Amazing!! Amazing! thats all I can say, I love it. can I move in?

The Gramber Bies said...

Ya, the bonsai died, Grant was very upset. He is however waiting to see if maybe it just in hiding or something.

Thanks Tiff, I'll tell Grant he's awesome :D

By all mean, come on down Uncle Jeffy and bring Grandma and Grandpa and we can eat ice cream :D

Thanks Jillie-bean! I know, I never thought a person could do it either, and yet, there they are.

Yes you may ALlysen, I'll feed you and comb your hair and take you on long shops.

Mandy Sue said...

i found your blog!! your basement looks great! where are you guys living??

Anonymous said...

Wow Gramberbies Your basement is amazing!