Friday, November 19, 2010


When I get bored at work I do a variety of self entertaining stuff. No judging, I've been to the Work Fails blog, I know what goes on.

I do however have my pursuits of choice: Body Art

creating holiday moral in my Service Managers office:

And maiming Hope:

That is not blood, but "florsecent red" for my postage machine. We had an accident. Honest when this first happened the drop looked like blood, and I laughed. Unfortunately my wrist moved from the time I spilled the ink to getting the camera. My whole hand looks like this:

And it wont wash OFF!! So hopefully, since its not just hope with a blood splot, I wont get too many awkward questions. For further proof of the mishap I have some on my right hand too.

1 comment:

Eric and Jill said...

Love your moral drawings. Why is it always so much fun to draw on white boards? Sorry about the mess on your hands!