Friday, December 23, 2011

Away in the Manger

Nativity sets are a Christmas staple in the Christian world.  Heck, even Santa has visited baby Jesus in the creche.

This is very much like one my mom has.  Or had, we played with it a lot.

Everyone I know has at least one, if not many many more.  And they are, one and all, beautiful.  There are Crystal ones, and porcelain, wooden, both hand carved and machine.  There are flat ones, round ones, square ones, and 3D.

Many Groups celebrate our Saviors Birth, from:

Charlie Brown, to

 Precious moments, to

 Willow Tree, to

Random Bears.

I love all of them, and often stress over finding the right one for my house.  Until this year.  You see, I've actually had one for years, but in my immaturity I didn't think it was good enough.  Because I made it when I was between 12-16, and it was a craft project my amazing Aunt had creatively come up with.  I don't remember the circumstances under which they were created, because I am the only one in my family who has one. Which is ok.

Apparently they are somewhere very cold, hence the random ice cube.

I have put these little people out every year, along with my billions of snowflakes (I may not have that many for reals, but if you ever saw my bedroom in high school or my house this year, you'll know I have a LOT)
But always considered them my "stand in" nativity, just waiting for the real one.  My, Adult nativity, if you will.

But during my freak-out when I found the box they belong in and discovered them not in it, I realized how much they mean to me, and how much I love them.   

Sure, down the road I may buy another one, or even two. 
 But they are the real one, and will always be apart of my familys Christmas. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Irish Roxs said...

I actually think I made one, I don't know where it is, but I love my Willow Tree Nativity very much, so I'm good!

Eric and Jill said...

I think they are perfect and I agree that you never realize how much things mean to you till they get broke or go missing. I'm glad you were able to find them. How are you able to tell if they are adult nativities or not? I know I've still been looking for my ideal nativity despite that I do have a couple.

Katie said...

I love nativity scenes. Ironically that is one decoration I did not get up this year. I love the peanuts one!