Monday, December 15, 2008


Gee Whiz Fact #1: They ruined a perfectly good cannon by filling it with cement! What injustice!
Gee Whiz Fact #2: The trail known as the sunken road was filled up with so many bodies that you could walk straight across from right to left without dropping down. The fallen soldiers bodies filled the entire length and width of this road.

Gee Whiz Fact #3: The bloody cornfield. The entire crop of corn was completely mowed down during the battle through the sheer amount of bullets flying around. Not a single plant was left standing.

Gee Whiz Fact #4: Amber is REALLY cute!!! It's okay, this is Grant typing, not Amber, so I can say that!

Gee Whiz Fact #5: The Burnside Bridge was an area of great loss to the Union soldiers. They lost thousands of men trying to take this bridge. 500 Kentucky sharpshooters were placed at elevated positions along the opposing bank making this part of the battle a mere shooting gallery. The entire first union campany that tried taking this bridge was obliterated with minimal casualties to the confederates.

Gee Whiz Fact #6: When Amber and Brent get bored, they have no problem trespassing in the search of the next great adventure!!!

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miniSCHOF said...

Is it really warm enough out there that Amber can wear an F'in t-shirt? Come back to Utah where the high has been 34 degrees, p.s. we also have about 2 feet of snow...

love you guys.