Monday, December 8, 2008

Its the time of year...

For Birthdays and Christmas Trees!!

Last sunday, which would be the 7th, I celebrated the 23rd Day of my Birth! It was brought it with a BANG on Friday, with Laser Tagging and Money spending at BoonDocks with my family and Grant and I's awesome buddy Jason!! It was followed by a crazy day out at Jordan Landing Saturday where we watched Bolt with again the amazing Jason, and The Handsomest Grant! Then an all too cool Birthday Party for Grants Brother Garrett later that night(I know it wasn't MY party but it was a riot none the less!) and the fun didn't stop there Oh no we were up unitl 1 a.m. making gingerbread..! On Sunday I was finally allowed to open presents, and as the day progressed I got many well wishes and got to witness the blessing of my newest nephew Asher. As everything is apt to do, the day ended but not without more well wishes and a HIGHLY out of tune, out of sync, out of pitch and I think I heard jingle bells amungst the mass of sound that was my birthday song from my beloved Isaacs. To put it simply I had the best birthday ever!

On to the tree: I wanted to make a traditional tree this year, or as Grant has called it 'White Trash'. Its TOTALLY not white trash and I made him take it back. Now, I underestimated the logistics of a traditional tree and now have more respect for those who would see this as a normal tree. It took me 3 days to put together, not really because it took a long time, just cause.. I didn't think it would take that long and didn't allot it its required amount. Between stringing enough popcorn, keeping the string away from the cat (he stole it, twice!) Making gingerbread, freezing the gingerbread, being impatient and rolling the gingerbread out before it was ready, then putting it away again, and assembling the tree.. putting lights on it, drilling holes in the poor gingerbreadmens head (that actually was pretty funny, good thing Grants got a steady hand) and then just putting it all together, its unlikely I'll do it again, but for what its worth it was fun and looks amazing!!

One of my men
(doesn't he look yummy!)

I know you love my blinds, but you should be looking at the TREE

Merry Christmas!

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Eric and Jill said...

Amber that did turn out to be an amazing tree. I am completely impressed. You're birthday did sound great too. Eric had his birthday on Friday so we also saw the movie Bolt. Its a good show I thought. I'm glad it was the best one ever though!