Friday, March 20, 2009

We all knew this would happen.

Just a matter of time really. I mean come on, people write about what they like and what they do and such like right? So its only natural for me to write about my interests. So far I've kept to the absolute bare minimum requirements of displaying these particular interests, because - and its ok really I understand- some have strong feelings concerning this.

But all your lucks run out, and its time for me to write...


Where to start.. where to start... ANIME!!! Thats where. If you haven't been on the recieving end of one of my Anime salse pitches yet prepare to experience it NOW! Just kidding.. kinda, I am about to tell you all of an amazing collection of Anime shows. Complete with all the best Japanime features: Cutsie Animation, Strange and Odd Characters, Great sound tracks, potentially creepy story lines, completely original and fun Ideas!!!

Introducing: Hayao Miyazaki

The director and sometimes creator of great shows such as: Howl's Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke

They are produced by Studio Ghibli who have linked up -so to speak- with Disney so you know they gotta be good!!

We've watched a lot of Hayao Miyazakis' shows, and I haven't yet been compelled to write a blog about them. Seek out corresponding books, Yes. Share new findings with family, totally. Create Sims look alike Characters, Oh Heck Ya!

However this show just SCREAMED (in my ear all night LONG!) to have a blog writen about it.

So here it is

Spirited Away totaly lives up to Hayaos amazing Standards. Its cute, thought provoking, has a good moral, and is fun to watch! And unlike some the voice actors ROCK, what with Jason Marsden, Daveigh Chase, and Susan Egan (Megera on Hercules). It comes in Second on my Love Watch List, the First being Howls Moving Castle:

Tad Da -~>

Which really only finds its self there because of its Originator, the book: Howls Moving Castle By Diane Wyane Jones. This movie features the Voice talents of None Other than: Jean Simmons, Billy Crystal, Blythe Danner, Crispin Freeman(drool..) and Christian Bale!(drool again!) You gotta give it a shot trust me. Or just read the book, it'll make more sense if you do actually.

I just relized theres SO many I can't name them all here but I can (shhh yes I can and you can't stop me) list a few more that we've seen and liked!!

Whisper of the Heart. Wasn't my favorite but you know, its got Ashely Tisdale and Cary Elwes in it.

My Neighbor Totoro. VERY cute show, though I think ages between 2-4 will enjoy it most, very child friendly, however I think the cat bus is a bit creepy but only on an adult level, the littles should find him most enjoyable :)

(sorry its small, its all I could find)

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Now this ones a classic, WAY fun. However I don't think I'll share with you the voice talents. Why? Because it ruined it for me! I just HAD to go find out and my reward was to forever more see HIS face when I watch the show.. ::gag:: But I will tell you this Uma Thurman is one of them.. bet you can't guess WHO

Alright time to wrap it up. *le sigh so many shows so little time.

Anway feel free to indulge as I do or to abstain as I don't know how. They're fun and new(ideas and such) thought I'd share


Eric and Jill said...

I've read Howl's moving Castle but haven't watched the show. I would be interested if you knew of any places one might find such movies???

The Gramber Bies said...

Yes I do infact! Firstly try any media store IE Best Buy.

I KNOW Amazon has all of them so if you don't mind ordering off of the interwebs you can get them there.

Um... if you don't mind the Japanese look of the DVD though it is in English and cheaper then you'll find anywhere you can say "Amber you love me right? Please get me a $5 awesome copy of Howls Moving Castle at your secret store, you know like the one you go"

:) See lots of ways!