Friday, March 6, 2009

Welcome Home Elder Hill!

He's HOME! And this time for reals. His plane landed at 7:30 pm March 2nd. We weren't there at 7:30 oh no we were early! Which really doesn't help the anxiety much, but there we were!

Now I don't have any pictures of the arrival because we thought the camcorder would give a better depiction of the events! And boys does it, Audio-Visual hysteria captured for time and eternity. Only thing, this blogger lady doesn't have a clue how to get the video on here so TOUGH LUCK BOY-OS!

What pictures I do have are from Tuesday (the day after) So these I'll have to do until his homecoming, or if he decides to create his OWN blog and put more up between now (Friday) and then (Sunday) but I doubt it, he's too busy catching up on Movies/TV shows and Video Games. :P

Oh and Cell Phone Novelties:

Did I mention games?

But whats home without family?
Allysen and Joey came down from their new home in Washington State.

Nick couldn't wait to show Jake his Lacross skills

The Chaos!
Everyones together at last!! (except Nicks been put to bed and I'm behind the camera.. the injustic of this picture is lying next to me: The Tri-Pod!! I so could have been in this picture!)

Oh and food:
Before you are fixings for the Sushi Grant made for everyones enjoyment. And when I say everyone I mean Jacob, Grant, and Joey, and Kimberlys disgust after being tricked by her own plan and having to swollow her words along with the sushi!

Grant making said sushi! Good thing my moms islandbar is LONG we used it all.


Eric and Jill said...

Wow, everyone does look so much older. Jacob didn't change too much but in comparison with Ally he is dark. I just can't believe how grown up Nicky is.

Allysen said...

wow, I am way white next to him, I know I don't tan or anything but thats just sad, oh well, its nice to have him home

Katie said...

Wait! I didn't catch who that is that is home from his mission. Is he your brother? Sorry I am just a little behind.

Katie said...

Never mind I just answered my own question.:)