Monday, April 19, 2010

It's my Party!

Actually it was Grants party. It was Grants 28th Happy Birthday party!!!

And I tell ya what, he ages well. I'd definitely say he's a fine wine. :D

No one could ask for a better friend and partner. He puts up with a lot, and helps our little family thrive. He even pets the cat before we go to sleep at night. If that ain't love I don't know what is.

His celebrating began latish on Friday with the arrival of Jason, and the significant absence of ME! I had a final dress rehearsal I couldn't miss, so the boys partied on without the wife.

Luckily for me, not so lucky for them, their chosen place a eats, Happy Sumo, had a looooong wait. And they only just sat down when my rehearsal ended!! So I rushed out of hair and make-up and made it to the restaurant before our food arrived!

After sating their dead fishy-needs, we went home for some video gaming, and sleeps. Good night well spent!!

The next day Grant was selfish or selfless, we aren't sure which it is, by inviting our favorite nephews over for some baking! Our cute little Bennett LOVES to mix, and bake, and do all that necessary in a kitchen. and Ashers just a bundle of smiles and is by far the best fetch player I've ever seen (thats throwing a ball for Dagger to get, which is another story all by itself.)

I was away trying on dresses, so Grant had the boys by himself. Wheres the hidden cameras when you need them, right?

I came home to a house full of cakes, and frosting, and cookies, and flour, and Bolt, and balloons and new flowers. It was the best home coming ever. Grant I think was having more fun then Bennett, (Asher was napping though he had his balloon!) but it was apparent that a good time was being had.

After a pizza dinner and some Wall-E, Grant and I set out on a drive. Because we like drives. We went through Weber canyon, past Morgan, into Park City, and back through Salt Lake to come home. It was fun! We sang show tunes, and resisted getting soda pop, and saw the beauty that is nearly spring in Utah.

Everything culminated on Sunday, which is his REAL day of birth, with a family party, where the yummy goodies he and Bennett had made were eaten, and where he finally was given the gun he's been talking about for months. (Hurray, guns and swords. Thieves you've been warned.)

I'd like to end by saying "HAPPY HAPPY GRANTY BOY!!" XOXOXOXOXOXOX

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Eric and Jill said...

THat's such a good post. Happy birthday to Grant and that's so cute that he was cooking with his nephews. Its never easy cooking with kids so that's fun. And I do miss Utah in the spring.