Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Simple Things In Life

This is all it takes to make Amber happy. She is too cute. She couldn't put this snow globe down!


Eric and Jill said...

That is a pretty cool toy and congrats at uploading it properly. I still haven't been able to yet. Also, note that LaNea watched your whole movie without even trying to touch the computer keys as the snowglobe-flashy-bouncyball thingy was way too entertaining.

Irish Roxs said...

*rolling on the ground giggling* You are way to cute, that just made my month, thanks Amber I love you. And now I know what to get you for birthdays form now on!

The Gramber Bies said...

I'm glad I entertained Laney, and to be fair, Grant uploaded the video. Not me. I still don't know how, he'll have to teach me.

Allysen you know I love bouncy balls.. they're fun!!

You girls are too cute!

Ashley said...

Ah, my Ambs, this is why I love you so! <3