Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Golden Oldy

I wanted to post my birthday pictures, but felt guilty because I still have Anime Con pictures I haven't shared yet. It would be a real shame not to share those with you. (psst! That's your cue to nod)

Hopefully this will work out better than my desk blog (ie: commentary will align) and better than my email fail, which doubled as a blog fail (ie: you can see the pictures)

I'm not sure how many of you know that I went to an Anime Convention a few months ago with my wonderful little cousin Rachel. Doesn't matter anyway, you haven't seen the pictures.

If you are wondernig what a Anime Convention is or AnimeCon for short, it is a convention where Anime lovers go to be nerds together and show off their fine sewing skills by copying character outfits and competing to find out who knows the most about fake people, places, and things.

There are all sorts of panels and things you can go sit for, or games to play or contest to win.. er.. join. Also there are shops featuring real actual vendors who have business licenses and fans who just want to show off how cool they are by recreating vendor stuff :D Ok kidding, there really are very talented people in the world who make great knock offs, sometimes unique stuff too.

Anywho, Rachy and I had a blast, I proved I belonged there, and Rachel was introduced to a japanese soda pop aka Ramune and candy aka Hi-chew (both I advise trying once in your life)
On with the pictures!!

For Rachey and I, it all started with a line.. and caution tape.

America, Canada, and Russia: Hetalia (can you guess who is who?)

Have nooooo clue, but they look kinda cool.

Lolitas :D My to-be halloween costume when I have time.
She was so cute bouncing around trying to get people to the "restuarant" but she wasn't so please about the picture taking.


Bult head: No idea
Maes Hughes : Full Metal Alchemist

Sailor Marz: Sailor Moon

Chi: Chobits

Someone from Naurto

Rem is a Shinigami (god of death): Death Note

Star Trek Chica, Jesse Team Rocket: Pokemon, Steam Punk girl, Fang: Final Fantasy the newest

Have no clue, but isn't she the cutest?

THE SIMS!! Hands down my favorite.
I have more pictures, but I don't know some of them and some are just bad. AND this blog is long enough as is. By-E


It has been requested that I answer a few more questions as well as up load a few more pictures. You've already seen one new pict, it's of Rachey at the very top. Mine, is down below, I was photog so I didn't get many of myself. There honestly is only one more of me, and ya... Questions:

How long was the convention? - 3 Days. All day. We only went Saturday.

Did you win any of the contests? - No, I wasn't aware they had any.

Did you buy any of the items sold? - Yes! Ramune, and Hi-chew, and the cutest felt cookies on earth!!

Will you go again next year? - I believe I will. Grant wanted to go too but had a ice fishing trip planned instead.

Do you think you'd sell items next year? - Heavens NO! I would have to make TONS of stuff, and at that point it wouldn't be fun anymore. And I think it would be a big hit for my selfesteem/pride to find out that only my close friends and family think my clay figures are cute.


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The Gramber Bies said...

LOL, um.. I didn't know you knew that word. Did you know every time I see it I read 'Kiwi'. Weird huh?

Eric and Jill said...

What? You go through and show us all the pictures of mostly cute outfits and never once show us yours or even Rachel's face? Amber, I'm very disappointed in this post. Not that I'm a huge Animae fan but I love the fact that you and would love to see you in your comfortable surroundings, not just hear about them!
So how long was the convention? Did you win any of the contests? Did you buy any of the items sold? Will you go again next year? Do you think you'd sell items next year? (Yours are really impressive!)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I'm multi-cultural!

I even shout it out sometimes. (In a high-pitched voice...)


Eric and Jill said...

Thanks for the extra info and pictures!