Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tis the Season.

Oh what a busy time of year this has been. Nonstop fun since the week before Thanksgiving for the Gramberbies!
Between special birthday parties for yours truly, making most of our christmas gifts for loved ones, having a house guest in the form of Grants cousin John, and lots of other side job/personal improvement thingies, it's safe to say we have burnt several candles from both ends. And are ready to look into the advantages of cave dwelling. However despite all that our little family has gone through, the biggest victim of the holiday season has got to be our dear Christmas Tree.

Due to either laziness, carelessness, bussiness (yes its a word) or extreme kindness, I was allowed to do my white trash Christmas tree again this year. Allowed, but not supported. At least not by fate. Grant put up the tree and strung the lights and popped the popcorn. I made Bountifuls longest popcorn string, and the most delicious gingerbread cookies ever, and put it all together!

Awe, isn't it cute?

Sugar and Spice and everything nice.

I got bored with the stereotypical gingerbread man, but even that doesn't explain Mr. Missionaryman, still you gotta admit, he's pretty cute.

This time last year we had the Gingerbread Massacre, and I thought that was traumatizing . This year we take it a step further. Introducing Mass Gingerbread suicide /slash/Murder!

This is what we awoke too. It is, of course, what we expected. What with our culinary curious puppies. But what we didn't expect was this:



So apparently gooey, chewy, soft and yummy cookies tallied with a hole through the head and then hung on a tree does not a ornemant make. They were too soft and the ribbons did their damage. It started only a few hours after they were put up, I got to wittness the first swan dive. And Dagger, please her pointed little head, was there to pick it up in seconds. It was actually quiet funny, I was sitting on the couch watching 'He's just not that into you' and making stuff and I hear this russtle, i look over and theres a gingerbread man tummbling down the tree.

Anyway, I had pretty much had it with December already and my tree has been one catastrophe after another so I went to Micheals 60% off sale and bought a whole new look, at a very good price (very good, I've framed the reciepts).

TA DA!! Sparkly, glittery, pink and Perfect!! Grant actually likes it, says it's very beautiful. Yes we let the survining gingerbread men live out the rest of their lives on the tree. And the popcorn strand actually looks awesome!! Which is a pain because those are stupid stressfull to make.

Merry belated Christmas!!


Eric and Jill said...

Wow, that sad all the little men died. I do admit though that the new look is beautiful. I love the style of the ornaments and I totally support framing the receipts.

Katie said...

You are so talented and artistic. I look at the stuff I do, and I want to hate you. But, I can't because I you are too amazing.