Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The unfolding truth.

Did you know I have four different blogs? I'll give you a second to count. *hums.. *

You counted only two didn't you?

Yes I have four, or to be more accurate: I had four. As of today I only have three.

How did this happen? I'll try to explain without making you die of boredom. Up until a half hour ago I had a Personal Blog *You are Here* A Writing Blog *It's somewhere else* An Anime Reference Blog *look over in my blog list it's there * and a Work blog that me and a few co-admins are working on, it has yet to be unvaled.

The purpose of telling you this here is I would like to combine the writing blog with this one. My time is not able to handle so many blogs and keep them updated regularly, so even if I don't combine them the writting blog is gone. I just don't have time, and if I do I'd rather write somewhere else.

So hopefully I can update more here because I write.. a lot and I always have something to say about it.

Anyway, just a heads up.

1 comment:

Eric and Jill said...

You are crazy. I barely manage to keep up on my one blog much less four. Don't get me wrong, I'm very impressed but I still don't know how you find the time. And I'll enjoy seeing more posts from you.